64 Langside St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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The caretaker for the building has no concern or regard for the tenants. This building is rodent infested filthy and is completely uncared for. It's unfortunate as the outside of the building is somewhat charming. It's appalling how a person who lives in this building and cares for it can sleep at night, he has no pride and cares little if anything about his responsibilities. This brings me to the owner is he a slum landlord? I think so!

this building has a major bed bug infestation and the landlord/caretaker is not attending to the problems in any productive way. this has been an ongoing issue for years and has recently (within the last two-three years) gotten worse. the caretaker doesn't clean the hallways and the company that is hired to fumigate is the cheapest on the market and they don't seem to know what they are doing.
many people are moving out of their suites because of this issue. it is not worth the *ahem* reasonab

le rent to live here.

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Havent had/seen any bed bugs since 2010 but the place is still as gross as ever. theyre painting now though, so maybe that will change things. how can he (kunkel) allow the floors to get that gross??? also, i wish the building didnt STINK of pot smoke all the time. seriously people, go outside! my kid sister visits me and its not a nice image. but i know thats not my business to say. i do, however love that the tenants are usually quiet and friendly. lets hope the bugs stay away. rent is great,

hard to find better.

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Everytime I visit this building, the entrance and halls are FILTHY. I haven't seen anything cleaned in the common areas for well over a year. I don't understand why the residents do not contact the rental agency/owner with a petition and also the City Health Inspector's to have the caretaker clean up. The bed bugs will only get worse, not better. It will require diligence, perserverence and most of all, people that care to take the time to ensure the landlord complies to THEIR RESPON


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Had bed bugs in our suite at the end of October, 2011. Care-taker was notified and Quality Exterminator came to take care of it the evening of Wednesday November 2nd (very nice guy!). He had a tank and sprayed along all the baseboards with the stuff (, afterwards he let me know that he found about five-six actual bugs. I was told to vacuum after 24 hours, which I did, as to pick up any eggs left behind because the poison cannot penetrate their shell. Discarded the vacuum bag afterwards. Put bed

bug covers on our beds afterwards. Haven't found any problems since, but to be honest I don't think that bites show up on me (either do mosquito bites). My roommate was the one who found three bugs over the course of two weeks hence zeee extermination. Will keep on vacuuming regularly

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found 2 bed bugs on the outside steps (fire escape). this building's floors have not been cleaned EVER! i moved in 3 yrs ago and the caretaker has done NOTHING. Does Ron Kunkel even exsist???? will it do any good to refuse to pay rent? we've been fumigated 2 times already. this is unacceptable.

Who is the property manager here? Seems like they should be investigated and stripped of their realty rights. Bed bugs are getting worse and worse in this city and if the Property Managers are slacking on their duties then how can we get them the heck out?

If only our \"dear\" caretaker is immune to noise, complaints, and bed bugs. Of course he smokes so much the bed bugs have had to move into other suites. The comments made by my fellow apartment dwellers regarding vacuuming the hallways is inaccurate--=they have not been cleaned in over three years. I have cleaned the third floor more often than he. The building needs to have the insides of the common area walls fumigated and the carpets properly cleaned--something the owner seems unwilling

to pursue. I am refusing to pay this months rent until something is done and I am considering petitioning all the current tenants to follow suit. The bugs get into the suites through the heating pipes which have large opening passing through the walls. Also there is a flock of pigeons living on the the roof; they are known carriers of assorted vermin--including bed bugs.
The owner has had suites fumigated on a needs to be done basis -but the bugs just relocate to suites like mine which have never been sprayed. I did caulk and completely paint my suite over a year ago to rid an infestation but the little f**kers came last night and chewed up my daughter and grandson. Thank you for caretaking the bugs and not the tenants.

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Found about 100 little bites all over my body this morning...bed bugs are back. Apparently everywhere in this building has been fumigated, but they haven't done the disgusting hallways!

Theeeeeerrre back! My suite was sprayed, but to no avail. Actually, my sense is that the entire building is infested, the incessant vaccuming and piles of discarded matresses strewn about everywhere in the back lane, some wrapped in plastic - tell-tale marks - not to mention the weekly presence of an exterminator van outside, proof positive. The resurgence synchronised with the spring thaw, my hunch is that the bugs are coming from outside. Why doesn't the city cart away and junk the piles of f

lung, fouled furniture? They're sneeking in from inside AND from outside is my guess. Why are our complaints to health inspectors not being met with the edict to stay away temporarily so as to ready the apartment block, nay the city block, for a thorough fumigation. Winnipeg, one great place! It's a doubled edge sword, the outside, mind you. Thank god we have winter because, as I study the bed bug plague more and more, I find that the option to put furniture outside in our inhospitible climate is a godsend, it being such an effective tool to control to kill the pests. Come December, that here lasts 6 months, I'm taking everything I own outside, leaving it there for -40 celsius to do its dirty wo... nay its miracle work, then I'm moving far far away from a place where there is not so much misery, ineptidude and chronic idleness that a major public crisis gets no coverage, heck no lip service, no outlays, not from media - unless it's someone living in public housing, the poor matter more because... - not from politicians, not from civil servants alike.

P.S. The caretaker in this block sucks. He vaccums once a year, probably why the bugs managed to spread everywhere.

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Finally saw the exterminator in the building one week after writing the last post, mid-november.

infestation in this building as of november 2008. Landlord Ron Kunkel has yet to hire an exterminator.

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