624 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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It is swarming with bedbugs. Probably the whole building. It's easy to see box springs thrown away in garbage, with bedbugs stains.

And you can see all the former reports here, eh? The realty is just not interested in taking care of the pest. It's been like that, and probably it will stay like that. I don't think the realty will simply change their mind and deal with this problem. Most likely bedbugs will stay. They will let the bugs stay.

So I would never move in here, unless you love bed

bugs on your bed and sharing your blood to them.

The other factors wouldn't matter. This building is just a big colony of bedbugs. Period.

If they DO take on action, I will make a follow up statement here. But, meh, I don't think they will.

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Moved in in August 2015. Before even applying I asked if this building had an issue and was told it didn't. 24 days after move in I was notified of a multi suite fumigation and my suit was one of them bing sprayed. Note I hadn't seen any in my suit at this point in time. After fumigation some were crawling under cracks from other suites into mine. Another fumigation of our suites was done. You would think it was solved however not even two months later and here I am being fumigated again. This

building has an ongoing, unsolvable infestation. There are so many little cracks this building has that one suite gets fumigated and they just crawl to the next suite. Also the same company has been doing fumigations since at least 2009 often. You would hope that a realty would hire another company if the other didnt work effectively. Instead they choose Low Cost Exterminators which is an ok company only if theyre doing a private residence for a homeowner. They just want to get rich off the big realty companies which is apparent due to the fact this place hasnt been bedbug free for safely the past 6 years. I really am wishing with all my heart I hadnt moved here.Don't ever move to this building and tell all people who are thinking of moving not to move to any building in the west broadway area. If you ask me, bedbugs are so rampant In this neighborhood that nowhere is safe from them.

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Moved here in 2011. My place been sprayed at least 8 times or more, it's hard to keep track. If you move to this building, you WILL get bed bugs. In one instance, after a building wide treatment, I discovered an infestation the following day right on my mattress. They returned a week later, and again the following night I awoke to see a big sucker scurrying away at 6 AM.

You WILL get bed bugs if you move here.
It WILL cost you hundreds of dollars to buy mattress protectors, traps, wash and d

ry all your clothing and the inconvenience of pulling all the furniture away from the wall and being vacated for the better part of a day each time they spray.

This problem is not being dealt with properly. It is costing Sussex a fortune and making pest controlers wealthy. Sussex is also cheaping out by choosing the most low cost, least effective treatments. They should be spraying all adjacent units when a problem is found, but they do not.

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Moved in march 2012 week after

I was bite low cost exterminators sprayed 5 time never did i have one day of peace they fired low cost exterminators now

Its some much better but still working on the bed bug problem but now it's 80% better
do not trust lo-cost exterminators no good and get your own spray and keep them at bay
If you want it done right do it yourself


Is this site monitored? Do you read the emails that are sent to you? I have sent three emails since June 16th and I have received no response whatsoever. This site would not exist if people did not post reports. Please show a modicum of respect to those who report by responding to emails in a timely manner!

I had an extremely severe reaction to bed bug bites in May while visiting a now "former friend" who resides there. The person's suite was sprayed twice previous to that visit and the only way said person knew they had bed bugs is because of my severe reaction to bed bug bites in December!
I know the management and the caretakers and they are doing the best they can!! When people who have been sprayed for bed bugs don't comply with basic rules pertaining to laundry, vacuuming, throwing out inf

ested beds/sofas, they are contributing to the ongoing infestation problem. It makes me cringe to think that the majority of the tenants in the building have to suffer due to the self-centred and lazy attitude of a few tenants. I especially think of the children who live there and how horrible it must be for them.

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I too moved in July 1,2009 and a day after i unpacked my entire apartment got a notice of being sprayed.
I have since been infested over 4 times and once with a inspector claiming i had none in my toddlers room when i looked under her mattress it was the worse case Ive even been through.. they guy obviously didn't do his job. This is an ongoing problem and i don't feel the realty is doing everything they can because its obvious they are immune to the chemical sprays.
I am in no position to m

ove financially and feel trapped.

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624 Broadway is continuing to have bed bug problems in a number of suites. However the caretakers/reality company are calling in a PCO, it appears like it will be a long drawn out process to remove the bed bugs from the building.

Moved into suite #4 @ 624 Broadway July 1st 2009 under the pretense that there were no infestations at the location. Within two days of moving in I found out that they were fumigating two suites. I was assured my suite would not be affected, but within a week there were bedbugs in my apartment/stuff. It is my understanding that 7 suites are no being fumigated. Although I'm angry that I moved into this situation, and don't feel like management was up-front with me, they seem genuinely concerned a

nd are fumigating ASAP. I haven't slept more than twice there, and no all my stuff might have them so I'm pretty upset. This sucks man.

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