61 Furby St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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I live in the building and have since the renovations. While I've had other problems with the building management, I can tell you that bedbugs has not been one of them. I've been here for 9 months now and nothing.

To the worker who can "confirm" 100% there are no bedbugs, because he renovated. I call BULLSHIT. I do the same thing, my boss, some bigshit company here in Winnipeg says that they get rid of all the bugs before they sell you one of these condo/reno apartments is also BULLSHIT. If you look hard enough you find them. You sound like a company shill.

Unless you heat treat the entire building they are there. And will come back. They are notorious for being dormant. And I hope they do for all our

renos. Then a class action lawsuit can be filed against all these scumbags that wrap up a pig in lipstick and sell it to you.

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Was looking at this apartment block but heard too many stories about the bedbug problem here, even from new prospective tenants. Where there is smoke there is fire, so I'm staying away. There are a few renovated buildings charging huge rent like the Dunbar that still can't fix the bedbug problem (even large HQ's for big companies in NY have had to shut down to don't expect a bit of paint here and there to fix the issue.)

June 6, 2012

I was working at this building when renos were occurring and I can confirm 100% that there are NO bed bugs

Confirmed bed bugs in 2010 on all the floors. The building has been completely renovated but reports from workers is that the bed bugs still exist and they are having troubles despite gutting the place. Beware, despite the new look, it's still infested.

When searching for apartments on Kijiji, I came across a few postings from former tenants of 61 Furby stating the apartment was infested with bed bugs. I am not a tenant of 61 Furby so I cannot verify this information 1st hand. I just thought I'd pass this information on because it came from a few very angry former tenants who wanted to warn people.

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