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I discovered bed bugs in my apartment around the beginning of October, Monarch has been in 4 times to spray now, yet I am still finding bugs in my place. The management has a heat treatment system, but has been unavailable for several months. I have lived here for 3 years now, and never had this issue, but talking to other tenants, it sounds like there are a large amount of suites that have this issue. I haven't been able to stay at my apartment since October, and as I do not have tenant insuran

ce, I am screwed, because management is not willing to work with me on rent. Shelter Canadian has been through several property managers in the last 3 years, and nobody seems to know what is going on.

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Summer 2014

We started seeing random bugs in the apartment but did not know what they were. Saw this for a couple months, then got a notice that they were going to spray for bed bugs because someone else on the floor had it. That is when we found the massive infestation of bed bugs on our box spring. We don't react to the bites so we had no idea. The management has been helpful and are quick to spray and treat the situation.

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