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On July 3rd, 2012, I noticed a bug crawling across my kitchen floor. I thought it was a wood tick until I looked it up online. It was not, so I decided to look up bugs that look like wood ticks and to my horror it was a bed bug.

I reported it to the landlord who called pest control to have my apartment inspected. They came on the 5th of July and told me I did not have bed bugs. A few days later I noticed another and brought it over to the landlords in tape as proof.

After a few days of n

ot hearing back, I called the landlord and left a message informing them that I had found a few more. Still no call back. I decided to throw my couch & futon mattress out as well as a bunch of personal belongings. I refuse to sleep in my bed. I am sleeping on an air mattress on my living room floor with double sided tape all around it ( I am 7 months pregnant and this is not comfortable). I am also cleaning everything with rubbing alcohol, vacuuming like crazy everyday and doing a massive amount of laundry and bagging it.
So far, I have spent about $50 on cleaning and protecting materials. Not to mention, I went out and purchased a mattress protector and pillow protectors to use after the treatment(s), another $60. Plus, I will have to purchase a new couch, futon mattress and possibly a new bed(if it doesn't get rid of them completely).

I finally decided I was going to call the Rental company directly since I am not hearing back from the landlords. I explained my sleeping and pregnancy situation, and, more findings. They told me that pest control was not coming until Aug 1st or 2nd!!!!!!!! Also, that they were doing nine other suites and mine wasn't on the list at the time!

Obviously there is a problem in the building, and I believe if they took immediate action that there wouldn't be this problem. Not only that, but by the time they come to do the now ten suites...they may have a problem in some or all of the other 24 suites as a result.

Not at all happy with the pest control (if I don't have bed bugs, then why are they in my apartment is what I'd like to know?), more so with my rental companies approach/action on this matter.

I wonder how quickly they would act if these pests were in their own home?? I pay them money to live here and I'm completely disgusted with the way they handle things/situations.

Thinking I may have to move soon, and I will be checking this website before ever moving into another place!

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