375 Assiniboine Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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The problem is with all Housing for the vulnerable, the poor, the working to get ahead on minimum wage ppl and the welfare ... Boarding houses too.

Manitoba government does not care!

What can you do? Vote! Cuz going through all the govt agencies is exhausting, costly, stressful and in the end after all your hard work= NOTHING gets done!

I moved out of housing only to get black listed! Rebuilt my rental history, I was NEVER EVER LATE OR BOUNCED A RENT CHEQUE IN MY LIFE... rented from

D7 and same shit! Because they are more affordable!

You can't rent ANY AFFORDABLE housing in Winnipeg! Maryland 183 & further down D7 on Alloway &Maryland Bug Hell! Especially when a new tenant reported he had bugs to other tenants BUT refused to call D7 ... 4 of us called & D7 said until the tenant calls WE ARE DOING NOTHING!

Move outside city if u can BUT treat all your stuff or throw it out cuz u will bring them bed bugs with u!

Disgrace! Manitoba govt isn't for the working poor! It's for big biz! Period!

Vote Green! They at least care about it! And don't spray those chemicals that make u & kids sick!

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i moved to 101 marion over a year ago. I had no bugs. They would spray everyone around me except me (no lie) i called for 4 months straight, they refused to spray. Then i found bugs kept them and was told i could have found them elsewhere. 2 housing employee came to see if i did have activity, they didn't believe me. I was promised a full spray. I vaccumed etc. sprayed myself and appr. a month later all i got was a precauctionary spray treatment. Start listening to us,this is effecting ou

r pysical health and our well being mentally.


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I lived on the 7th floor. We had no traces of the bedbugs for two years and then Housing hired a caretaker who didn't care and didn't take the precautions required for entering multiple suites. That is all it took for us to suddenly get them so severely that I had to throw away everything I owned.

Housing doesn't act responsibly and work with their tenants towards fixing this issue. AND they are quick to cast you out if you make it known.

I am a hard working single mom and this devastate

d our lives completely....and our fearless government doesn't do ANYTHING ABOUT IT

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101 Marion Street
Manitoba housing
We have battled with manitoba housing to spay our building propely for 1 year now we have an infestation
This is a 55 plus building it is at a point that poeple are calling me depressed and dangerestly suicidal Called mobile crissis center

Well I definitely have bed bugs. I'm vacating immediately. I'm all chewed up. I have children. I I'm on the lower floors. So try to steer clear of Housing.

The whole tenth floor of Lions Manor North tower appears to be infested. (320 Sherbrook St.) We have asked for guidance from management but to date they will not even admit to the problem.
Maintenance staff have "dealt" with the problem, but how expert or knowledgeable they have been is anyone's guess. To date, to our knowledge, no professional exterminators have been called.

I live in this building (it\'s manitoba housing) We have gotten sprayed for bed bugs and cockroaches. I went up to the 17th floor to visit a friend, and her floor was getting sprayed. I live on the lower levels of the building. What you don\'t know is that many other addresses from the Manitoba Housing Authority fail to let you know if there are bugs in the building, until your unit is getting sprayed. So imagine all the other residences that aren\'t on this list.

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