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I could write a novel, but I will keep this to the point. I lived in the Palmer House from the fall of 2014 until fall of 2015 when my lease expired. I would have moved out earlier but I could not stomach convincing someone to sublet. My reasons for this will become evident in the following paragraph.

First and foremost: bugs. This building suffers from both cockroaches and bed bugs. Cockroaches are the largest problem and have forced many other tenants to move. One year in this apartment an

d I had my apartment sprayed 7 times. I lived on the third floor (of five floors) and would see cockroaches from time to time, though I suspect I saw fewer as I sprayed my door frame on a regular basis to discourage them from coming in. A neighbour I spoke with who lived on the main floor hadn't eaten in his apartment for two months. He kept his apartment tidy and kept no food there, yet he would still find them constantly throughout his place and even in his empty fridge.

I imagine that there are plenty of vacancies in this building right now, as many of my neighbours moved out at the same time that I did, while others were waiting for their leases to expire.

The primary cause of the infestation - despite constant spraying - is the large section of the basement reserved for storage lockers. This area has never been sprayed. The storage locks can be described as a complete disaster area, consisting of many lockers full of rubbish and abandoned belongings. When I was packing my stowed property from that room I was forced to go through everything piece by piece and repack it in carefully sealed containers. As I packed I needed to be watchful, as cockroaches were literally all around me.

Management seems completely unable or unwilling to deal with this problem. There has been no attempt to clean up the storage area, which needs to be completely emptied for there to be any chance of resolution. It must be said that this seems to be a problem with other buildings in that nook of the city, as evidenced by this article - http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-housing-suites-infested-with-cockroaches-residents-say-1.3317119 - regarding the manitoba housing building directly across the street from the Palmer House.

As you can imagine, packing and unpacking your belongings away multiple times in the course of a year for the various sprayings is a pain. My apartment was sprayed 5 times for cockroaches, once for bed bugs, and on one occasion for both. On one occasion the caretaker forgot to have my suite sprayed and I had to wait an additional four days for Poulin's to come back and treat.

Why the basement hasn't been dealt with, I cannot say. I will say that the additional cost of spraying (without results) has been passed on to tenants in the way of rent increases. Before I moved my $800 per month one bedroom had it's rent raised $90, due in part to the burden of having the building sprayed. One of my neighbours remarked that he had seen similar increases in the prior three years that he had lived there.

The building is managed by Akman Property Management, and I found them to be aloof.

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We have bed bugs and cockroaches! I was the first to find and report the bed bugs in our building. Turns our, when Poulins inspected, they found that a number of people have been living with infestations and not reporting them. We were treated March 22, April 2 and April 9, and are scheduled for another treatment April 23, 2012, all from Poulins.

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