36 Navy Way
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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I rented a one bedroom apartment in basement of the 36 Navy way st February 2014. On September 2014 my neighbors were reported of having bedbugs. They were evicted immediately. One month later the bedbugs moved into my apartment I was never bitten but started noticing tiny bugs on the hardwood floor and I had sent a picture to my caretaker and he told me that was a bedbug so I left my apartment for weeks they sprayed 6 times and in January of 2015 they were gone for now I had to get rid of my be

d and couch just as precaution. I signed a one year lease and I wanted to let other renters out there know my experience of getting bedbugs for the first time. Just be cautious of renting in apartment building 36 navy way!

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