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the bedbugs may be gone, but now its filled with cockroaches.

the bedbugs may be gone, but now its filled with cockroaches.

the bedbugs may be gone, but now its filled with cockroaches.

the bedbugs may be gone, but now its filled with cockroaches.

the bedbugs may be gone, but now its filled with cockroaches.

Just to post an update.

Just before Christmas 2015 the Casa Loma Building was declared bedbug free.

It has been a rigorous process of caulking baseboards, sealing floors & working with a great team as well as calling in the exterminator immediately that has resulted in the clean slate.

Tenants are encouraged to stay in contact with the caretaker should anything change.

As it happens, Sussex has employed a new caretaker at 309 Sherbrook & we can assure you that the bedbug issue is being very well taken care of. Any tenant that is experiencing ANY issues in the block should talk to their new caretakers. If they are not available when you go to their door, leave a note in the slot on their door as I know they DO respond. They have only been on the job a few weeks, but I have heard good things about them.

Seriously this building need to be spray not just 1 or two suites the whole building should be sprayed!!!its been 3weeks bed bugs are just coming back!!3 weeks of no sleep!!need to be awake all night to look for my baby!!dont want him to get bites of those creepy bugs!!!me and my husband got hundreds of bites!!i can show u the photos!!and just yesterday my child got bites all over her body!!!now i had to ask my auntie to get my child to her house!!!i already told the caretaker but no answer!!we

just moved 4 months ago!!we already spent $50 buying those bed bugs spray over the counter!!its not good for our health specially for my 3 years old child!!!we already clean dry/wash everything clothes,blankets,comforters,curtains everything!!!still catch 3-5 bed bugs in day time and night even at da middle of the night!!and we never had a visitor since den!!all our things is new from spoon to mattress to sofa everything!!!!somebody needs to do something to get rid of this bugs!!!

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By the way Kingston you seem to know a lot about the running of the building for someone who is only a tenant- hmmmmmmm - you should be ashamed of yourself using this forum for your own personal petty grievances

309 sherbrook has problems with bed bugs in the walls and efforts are made to combat this problem - people should not use this site to air grievances which are not true eg villifying caretakers for no reason - people should have to state who they are on this registry because people use this as a forum incorrectly and dishonestly (btw kingston we know who you are)

Sussex sucks.
they don't even care if there are bed bugs in your building.

They literally give you the run around untill you leave them alone or move out.


Beware their trolls.

This property is owned by Sussex. BEWARE! There are many reported properties on this site, owned by Sussex, all of which have at least one person stating they have been uncaring, unhelpful and ineffective in treating the bed bugs (also dishonest)
Please note, almost ALL of Sussexs' properties listed here have trolls on them *meaning a staff member or caretaker of Sussex posts something-it's always "a friend of mine lives here....*

I live at the Casa Loma building and haven't had a problem with Bed bugs...nor have my neighboors. The person shouldn't have felt STUCK because there is alway the option of subletting your place and apts in Casa Loma are rarely on the market for more then two weeks....it's a popular building.

On the other hand....the supervisor at that building is IMPOSSIBLE to talk to about ANY issues having to do with the apartment (although her boyfriend is a really nice guy!).

Don't choose not to

rent here because of beg bugs because they don't seem to be an issue in the building....choose not to rent there because of the poor excuse for a caretaker.

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The casa loma has had problems with bedbugs just like hundreds of buildings in the city. There is an ongoing maintenance programme and there are no infestations as we speak. To address the whole building is infested reports - this is simply not true - less than 25% of the buildings apartments have been affected and whilst it is uncomfortable for those people measures have been taken and will continue to be taken. People are not told they have to show a bug to get treatment - this is simply not t

rue - although the pest control may ask if the tenant has seen evidence and where so that he can address the issue. People who ask about the apartment they are applying for or about the building are told the truth each and every time - there are probably a few people in Winnipeg who could attest to this. Bed bugs suck but unfortunately are a growing problem and noone wants to live with them and that is way people do as much as they can to get rid of them - this is the case for casa loma.

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I lived in this apartment for almost a year now, and i cant move out until my lease is up!The caretakers asked me if i would like to renew my lease. I told them no!!! Who wants to live with bedbugs! I never thought my 1st apartment in winnipeg would be to live with those nasty bugs!
Sussex is a really not doing anything about this bad situation, they should just close these old buildings down. But instead there too worried about getting there money and dont even care how we have to live with th

is and sleep at night.The spraying aint doing nothing at all..they go away for a while but there right back there again. Hiding in your bed or dressers, couches, rugs.Sick of this shit already!!

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they sprayed this apartment two days ago and there are still bedbugs problems we are goinig to move as soon as possable and leave the stuff furniture here june 14 2011 sprayed june 16 posted sussex is not doing enough to rid this appartment of this problem

sussex realty even on 330 anderson this apartments infested and the caretaker dont do nothing about it im on a lease so i cant move out of this hole soo ppl dont move into apartments unless its a clean and far away from renters that come and go soo sussex realty is a crappy company that cant control there problems bedbug bedbugs ive looked up there company complaints mostly bedbugs

I lived in this building for almost two years and never saw a single bedbug. Not sure if I just got lucky but I had no issues. Sussex was great about spraying as a preventative measure and I did get the treatment four times (every six-ish months) while living there.

Casa Loma still has bedbugs, despite all the spraying the problem is still prevelant. Measures are being taken but they are inadequate. We have been here for 3 months and within the last two months have seen more and more bedbugs in our apartment..even after several sprayings and maintaining a tidy apartment. The landlord is renting apartments without warning people of the infestation. As everyone may know, bed bugs do migrate.

309 Sherbrrok HAD bedbugs. They were sprayed multiple times. Then they removed the board that blocks under the washrooms and vacuumed them out. Then they sprayed in the walls and set off bug bombs. I know six people in the building right now and they don't have bedbugs. The person who brought them in moved out over a year ago. The building is managed by Sussex Realty and they have spared no expense in fixong this problem.

good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite, a cute childhood rhyme my mother would say to me every night as a child turned into my biggest nightmare as an adult. the casa loma is completely infested!!!! I have had friends on nearly every floor end their lease and move out, I am unfortunatly stuck here till I can get my new place which wont be untill dec 1. the landlord keeps showing my apartment I can bet shes not telling the hopefull tenents about their little roommates they are going t

o have. if you are thinking about renting from the casa loma DON'T!!!!!!

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I moved in the beginning of september and have already gotten sprayed twice, the last time i got sprayed was oct 6. I was told to stay out of the apartment for 24 hours my first night back my room mate vacumed the entire place i went to bed happy that no bites would happen within 10 min of laying down i felt something crawling on my stomach i turned on the light to find 3 bugs. I was told my suite has been sprayed twice before I moved in. its an old building and there are many cracks letting the

bugs go from apartment to apartment, so one gets sprayed but I'm pretty sure that the bugs just hide in the walls and come back when the spray is gone. I havent gotten a proper night sleep in weeks I cant fall asleep i feel them crawling on me (when i do fall asleep i have nightmares about bedbugs its ruining my life) and I wake up one day i counted i had over 50 bites on one hand alone over 130 bites on my one arm and lost count when i tried to count all over my body. I scratch untill i bleed, i have scabs and scars all over me from these demon bugs and I hear horror storys of people who live on other floors, they have even moved down to the judy for mayor office below the apartments. I cannot wait untill i move but am terrifed of bringing these horrible things with me. I'm fed up with being an all you can eat buffet night after night I don't want to bring friends over because i'm embarassed and i rarely go out anymore because i'm scared they are in my clothes and i will spread them and pass the nightmare on to someone else I do not wish this curse on anyone.

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A friend lived here. When he first began to get bitten, the management told him that he would have to catch a bug to prove that he had them and that the bites on his arms and torso were not enough evidence. He says it has since changed but that the stupidity & ignorance on the part of the mgmt company at the beginning stages of the infestation really harmed their chances for eradication.

The building is old and full of cracks so they spread from suite to suite easily.

They are also not up

front about the situation with prospective tenants.

Also, the rent skyrockets every December as it is protected from RTB guidelines.

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Bedbugs were found. Seems to be a bad case, we had to throw away everything. They have sprayed yet the problem still exists.

still has them. seems like little is being done.

The bedbugs are still here and pretty much all over the building now.

bedbugs are in numerous units of Casa Loma. multiple sprays have been conducted. some people have moved, some people are covered in bites. a large spraying was done monday, june 22-09.

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