30 Carlton St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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On November 29, me and my mom checked in at The Carlton Inn Hotel, 220 Carlton Street, Winnipeg Manitoba. We stayed in room 104. That night I went out and my mom stayed at the room. She got bitten 9 times that night. We tried reporting to the front desk, we were told that there were no rooms available. I told this to my friend and she said she got bitten by one in the same floor in that hotel.

I live @ 30 Carlton street. My common law and myself noticed some blood spots on the sheets, since I had scraped my knee a day prior we assumed it was just the sore re-opening. Then this morning (FRI SEP 26 2008) we noticed a dead bug. I flipped over the mattress and on the box spring were TONS of bedbugs. They started crawling around and I dropped the mattress and instantly called the landloard. Hopefully I'm getting them soon enough and my common law is a complete NEAT FREAK so cleanliness has

nothing to do with it. Went online to look for solutions and found this website so I figured I'd report it. I've done some comparisons with images on google and there is no way it's anything but bedbugs!!!!! I feel like throwing everything I own away (if I could afford it)

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