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Winnipeg, MB R3C

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I have been staying at this hotel for 5 years now almost every two to three weeks for business. I have stayed in almost every room and have NEVER seen a bedbug and believe me, I look. The staff is ALWAYS nice and helpfull. NO BEDBUG at the Humphry Inn.

This property was nothing but CLEAN. I spoke with the GM on the phone after seeing these post's and she informed me that its next to IMPOSSIBLE for her to get these reviews which are years old off this site.

I did not see any bed bugs but came away with some kind of bites on my feet and legs - mosquito season is over so I'm going to assume they were bed bugs.

This message is to respond to the report which was published on 07/23/2011. The report is written by a former employee of the hotel who had left the hotel in an extremely bad term. Making and spreading all kinds of horrible rumor behind her colleagues have became regular activities during her time in the hotel, the hotel management also had tried to help her to be better behave and respect, but seems like all the work we have done did not success. I apologize to all my guests who have been dist

urbed by the fault message.

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They have had BED BUGS for over a year now. They DO NOT treat it proper. They will shut down the room they find them in for a month then they reopen it. They really need to close down the hotel for a couple of days and do the whole building. Just think of how many people have taken these critters home. Save yourself some money and a big hassle and stay at a hotel that is a chain and not an independant hotel. At least with chains they will keep them clean...they don't have to worry about losing b

usiness whereas this hotel ALWAYS worries about losing business. They have the most problems on the 4th floor and up. CLEAN UP YOUR HOTEL...start to care about people and not just a dollar.

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I have stayed at this hotel many times and have never found any evidence of critters. As far as I can tell they seem to have managed the problem.

I am surprised that this is still on there as the rooms suspected were treated and after carefull watch for serveral weeks nothing was found.

June 3, 2010
At Humphry Inn & Suites
Rooms 214, 325, 507 were infested with bedbugs. A guest found some bugs in room 507 and was moved to 325. Room 507 was sprayed as well as 214 when there was some bugs found on the bed, but I don't know if 325 was sprayed or will be sprayed. And I personally feel that management is not handling it properly.

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