247 Young St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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In the last 3 years my neighbors suites have been infested repeatedly with bedbugs.There is a mattress being stored in the basement hallway.the caretaker dose not care and just keeps playing a blame game.many people here have had to throw out their belongings.This is no way to live.

I 1st started seeing a red rash on my arms about a month ago. About 2 weeks ago Feb 15th 2012 they started swarming. Now when I wake up my pillow is covered with bugs.

I saw a two bed bugs about a month ago in this place one was in the heater pipes and one was buy my door I geuss it was coming in uninvited I guess, so I called the landlord to spray and they did. After a couple weeks went by I saw another one and couple week I found another then when I was walking inside my place I noticed a bed bug in the hallway of the other peoples doors, man this place grosses me out I gotta move outta here.

I had to move as well. They refused to spray my suite a second time. Spraying only one or two suites at a time when somebody calls to complain will not solve the problem. Good luck to anybody moving in to this building. You get what you pay for as far as cost of rent goes.

the building is fully infested with bed bugs. I had to move out cause they were every where even coming up through the pipes and in the bath tub. however the landlord does his best to spray.

on Aug. 24 2011 I was laying in bed. I took my blanket off to get up and as I was getting up I noticed an insect crawling around on the blanket. I looked closer and saw that it resembled a bedbug so I killed it immediatly. As I squished it, blood came out and I saw that the insect was flat and brown. About fifteen minutes later, I saw another insect matching the same appearence so I killed it as well. About a month earlier however was my first encounter. I was in the same situation, except with

my gf. I took the blanket off and noticed something on me. it didnt look like a piece of fluff so I picked it up and looked at it. I noticed that it had a small black head, six small legs and a flat, circular abdomon. Upon looking at it as well,and checking out the internet, my gf said that it was a bed bug.

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About two weeks ago my boyfriend found a bedbug in our suite. They were spraying the suite below ours for bed bugs and came up to spray ours as well. To our knowledge only our two suites have been sprayed. Today August 24th my boyfriend found another bug.

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