209 Furby St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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They have bugs in the all building i will never say to stay in this building such a shiti place.


DO NOT RENT HERE. Bed bugs are still a huge problem with new management, Onyx. They do not take care of infestations in a timely manner and don't seem to care when they are reported, period.

Our next door neighbour was completely infested, but we weren't alerted until we saw some ourselves in our apartment. When I asked the manager why not, she said, oh I was going to send out a note later today, you caught me before. We asked for trays to put under our bed to stop them from bit

ing us on Friday and she said we could get them on Monday.

Both our apartment and the one next door waited weeks to be treated. Apparently they couldn't get anyone sooner but we were told it wouldn't make a difference. Well, I think waiting a week will make a difference to the degree of the infestation.

After going through two treatments, we were in the clear until the manager said she wanted to do another one, 'just in case.' We couldn't figure out why but we saw another bug last night and think probably someone else in the building has them, which they failed to tell us again.

We've been diligent about getting rid of them but this has been an absolute nightmare. We haven't felt like we've had a home in months, wondering if we still have bugs. It's impossible to relax. The holidays are coming up and now we will likely have to get treated again.

When I complained to my manager about all of this, she said oh I know how you feel, coming to work everyday is a risk because I might bring them home with me. Are you kidding? This is our home. It's my first home with my partner and we are at our wits end trying to deal with a problem that seems to be surrounding us.

I repeat, DO NOT rent here.

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There is a continuous bedbug issue in this building. I have been living here for a while, and fortunately I have not gotten bed bugs. However, there are letters on and off about spraying. I've also heard from neighbors that they've seen them. While month to month leasing is beneficial in some cases - I don't think it's beneficial in the bedbug department. People are moving in and out allowing for the spread of bedbugs.

My son's friend woke with bites on his arm, we thought they were an allergic reaction to my cat, but the next morning my son woke me in a panic saying he felt a bug on his arm and saw it on his sheets. At closer inspection we found a few more. I alerted the caretaker who talked to the property managers and quickly set up an inspection and a fumigation. I was told that another apartment a month and half ago reported bed bugs, so i think the bugs dispersed to my place, and after my place they w

ill go to someone else's. They should fumigate the whole building.

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This building is now under a new management company, and is no longer owned by D-7, new caretaker, and the building is being completely renovated. We've been living here since January, and have not seen one single bug. Neighbors who have lived here longer have told us they have never seen a bug. These are gorgeous, clean suites!

12/08 Major bedbug infestation, and after leaving the premises with pet and every stick of clothing, bedding, etc....we still found three bedbugs on the wall after the supposed "extermination". We presented the evidence to the caretakers and were told that it "takes a couple of days". Meanwhile, we had vacated for over 48 hours......No solutions offered by the management, or owners of building....Caretaker even had the audacity to say that bedbugs could be bigger....imagine!! The nerve... gettin

g the hell outta here ASAP!!!!!!

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infestations in several suites over the last 4 months (beginning May 2008). D-7 management is refusing to treat the entire building or connecting suites, even though it is an old building with many cracks in walls and crevices under baseboards and heated by a series of radiator pipes. Bugs are migrating from suite to suite. I know of 6/30 suites that have been infested for sure over the last few months.

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