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Here's an interesting story:
On Sept.27/10, I had prepared my unit in anticipation of the arrival of the Manitoba Housing pest control officers,as per the notice received the previous week. I had picked up and carefully examined the 2 undated monitor traps and as always,they were both clean,so I put them up on a table.
The bug crew arrived as advertised. A black fellow with a West Indies accent,who apparently was the boss, came in and we discussed my concern about proceeding with treatments wi

thout ever having inspected the monitor traps in advance. This would be in order to determine beforehand if there really was any infestation in my unit and if it actually required repeated treatments.
He examined a trap I had put on the table and after a short while said, "you've got bugs."
Now far be it from me to suggest that someone would plant a bug, but it's very mysterious how a first stage larva, about the size of a pinhead, could have climbed up on a table, find the trap and manage to crawl a quarter of the way across the adhesive strip. This I might add, all within the space of a couple of hours.
A magical mystery bug indeed!

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The "precautionary treatment" of my unit is getting to the stage of personal harassment! It was treated less than a month ago and now another notice of entry has been issued for that purpose.
For about two years now, there hasn't been any indication of infestation in or near my unit and the traps are not even monitored by anyone.
The Residential Tenancies Act mandates entry to a unit only in case of an emergency. This tenant has not been advised of any emergency in this regard.

The Resident

ial Tenancies Act

54(1) A landlord shall not enter a rental unit occupied by a tenant under a tenancy agreement except where

(a) an emergency exists and entry to the rental unit is necessary;

(b) the tenant consents to the entry;

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Well, I do live here. To be honest, there has been monitoring of bedbugs, and spraying of certain aparments and common areas. It has been approx. 2 years that they have been watching and fighting it. Thay seem to have stayed in the 2 or 3 apartments for quite sometime now. Touch wood. May I not speak too soon. But overall yes they are here, and no they arent spreading like wildfire. I have yet to see one.

Sept. 24, 2009
Well apparently there are bedbugs here although I've never seen any. Manitoba Housing has been monitoring and treating selected apartments for about a year now. They don't even inspect the monitor traps any more, but go right to the treatment stage spraying hazardous chemicals all over.
I'm getting sick and tired of Manitoba Housing's cavalier approach to this supposed 'infestation' and the complete lack of information that they provide to their tenants.

Manitoba Housing Building. Landlord stated there here and there here to stay!!!

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