182 Colony St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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182 colony apartment sucks.dont live there.hallways smell stinky..carpets need to be replaced to avoid the foul smell.there are lots of things need to fix inside the suites.

Dont live here.lots of cockroaches and bed bugs. Washroom is dirty and the water is not clear.

this place is a slum! don't move in here! Moved in because it was walking distance to University and price seemed great. SO NOT WORTH IT! Mice running through the building and suite because of holes in the walls and around radiators. Told landlord about it, and they could care less. Then a few months after moving in the my suite got bedbugs! They came and sprayed and it did nothing! The landlord said the people above and below the suite had them too, as well as someone down the hall! DISGUSTING!

They made it seem like it was "No big deal, everyone gets them here". But of course you're not told that when you move in. Threw out all my furniture and had to moved.

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I lived in the apartment for about 6 months. It was fine for the first couple months but then I started to get biten. I had boughten a brand new bed and it turned out one of the other suites above me had an infestation of them so I ended up with them. My bed had a nest in it and I had to throw it out and move. Gross!! There were also mice in the apartment building too, what a great combination. When I reported both incidences to my caretaker nothing was really done. They sprayed all but once and

gave me mice bait.. they never ended up going away really.

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