134 Smith St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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I just received a notice saying that they will be coming in to check my apartment for bed bugs since they had a report from my floor... if you refuse they say that they will be evicting you... I wish they did that I just want to get out of that place! A bunch of sketchy people and dirty people there!

In the past year my floor had to be sprayed twice for bed bugs. I was told that I was not the source of the problem - but still that makes things unsettling.

The building won't take pre-emptive strikes unless you provide proof of bugs in your suite.

Put it this way, the caretaker of the building was fixing my taps and pulled me aside to share some advice when he noticed my vents were open. He suggested to me to cover all vents and any possible cracks with heavy duty barrier film as according to him the building was infested. He also moved a month later... The office denied any allegations of having bugs in the building.

I've lived therte for almost 6 years and never had a problem or heard of bed bugs being in the bldg :)

I'm happy to report that this building is a very clean and well maintained building , the management is very attentive and things get done fast around here . The bed bug situation was early 2011 but the manager had control over the situation and she not only treated the unit that had the problem ,she treated all the units above and under that one . Since then.... This building is Bed Bug Free.

My suite has been treated for bed bugs - as there was an outbreak on the 7th floor.

Post treatment a few dead bugs were found, due to scatter.

It has also been reported that suites on the 8,9,14,15,16,20,21 & penthouse floors have been treated for a possible outbreak.

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