10 Balmoral St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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I have been living here for 2 years, and have never had a problem with bedbugs.

I had a friend that lived here on the top floor overlooking the street, sprayed three times and still kept getting he'd bugs. They just wouldn't go away

I lived at 10 Balmoral Street for a year back in 2009 to 2010. My apartment got invested with bed bugs half way through. I guarantee someone brought those critters there. I had my place sprayed three times. Yes it's cheap rent but was not worth living in this condition.

No, the problem isn't totally solved. The critters are still lurking in the walls. I just recently dealt with the second bedbug infestation within nine months. I found one adult on me. Been sprayed, have powder throughout my apartment and had bedbug covers from previous fumigation. Problem solved? I sure hope so, but who knows. Those bastards are quite tenacious.

... The suite #3 has been renovated, new carpets windows etc. and leased to a new tenant... me actually... I happen to be quite clean... so problem solved...

I recently heard from a source at 10 Balmoral that tenant #3 is saying he is going to the Supreme Court of Canada LMFAO, does he not get it, hes evicted, that was his final appeal, if hes not out of his suite on the 15th, sheriffs or the police will be here to vacate him from his suite! The supreme court, that really made me laugh!!! hahahaha

I left the previous comment, i was at the hearing and I'm from suite 5!!


Today September 28th, 2011, the tenant in suite #3 at 10 Balmoral has been given his final eviction notice. I know this is fact because I was there to testify on Galaxy's behalf and give my testimony that he was the culprit that gave my suit bed bugs, I have since rid them from 4 sprays and continuously vacuuming, floor boards and putting dbl sided tape down in necessary places and I also used D E (Diatomaceous earth) which works really well in getting rid of these nasty bugs. If your not sure w

hat it is, and you have bed bugs, google it, and go to Rona or it's even cheaper to buy online, eg. Amazon! Anyways back to tenant #3, this was his appeal, and final, he can do nothing else to fight to stay in this block, the three judge panel made me swear an oath on the bible and #3 tenant as well, all of his testimony was all lies, and all mine true of course! The 3 judge panel gave a 15 minute recess to decide on a final verdict, to our liking they favored in Galaxy's way, and he has until October 15th to be fully moved out of his suite, and he can no longer appeal, because today was his last and final appeal with the Tenancies Branch, if he is not gone on that date, sheriffs will be here to remove him.... I gotta say, his testimony was such a joke and all lies, Good ridden, he's gone, and hopefully he'll take his bugs with him!

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I signed at petition to rid this slob from Apartment three and a few days later I conveniently discovered that I now have a bed bug problem. Can't believe he was able to appeal his eviction anyhow. Double side tape up your apartments folks.

No ons knows how the bed bugs got into this block. The block also acording to the first report in this list was being fumigated before the tenant of number 3 moved in.

The dirty pig better be evicted in the near future at his appeal with the tenancies branch, I hear there will be judges there to make the final decision! He has already been given an eviction notice, but the dirty pig has the nerve to appeal it after all the grief he has caused tenants! I am speaking of the tenant in #3!!! Enough is enough, he needs to be gone! I have finally rid my place of the bed bugs I had gotten from him, and I have lived hear for 3 years, and nothing until this filthy pig

arrived, and I don't need them returning, he has caused me alot of time and money because of this huge problem! My problem is finally gone, but it really won't be until he is gone!!(#3)

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I know for a fact that the male tenant in Suite 3- 10 Balmoral is the offender for the ongoing outbreaks of the Bed Bugs. It will continue to happen until they can get this offensive person out of the building for good. I think he must be quite insane to live so filthy and to have the nerve to cause everyone else such unneeded expense and health hazards. There are young babies in the building that should not have to endure this kind of thing at all. No one should. Just because he won't throw hi

s garbage furniture out and all else wrapped in plastic as the Laws pertaining to ridding one's self of them, to bad he's not rich. He should have to pay for everyone's else's expenses he's caused without good reason. There is no excuse for a Loud Mouthed Madmen getting away with this kind of thing. He should be in a Mental Institution for good as he's obviously oblivious to anyone else's well being and will only cause further damage to other innocent people by moving out with his attitude and bug filled junk.

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I live at 10 Balmoral in the basement and have never seen a bed bug. When i heard that suite 3 had them I started taking per cautions and still to this day haven't had a problem. it's all about keeping your apartment clean and vacuuming on a regular basis. I hope suite 3 gets evicted because he's dirty and has no respect for his neighbors.I would recommend this place for anyone cause rents cheap and the caretaker is awesome.

I have lived in this apartment for about 2 years now and have never seen any insects in my aparment. I was informed by a fellow tenant that a suite#3 in the basement has bed bugs. The building has since been sprayed. I feel it to be a clean and well maintained place. The caretaker is a very nice and responsible lady and I know that what can be done to fix the problem will be done. Great place!

I lived at 10 balmoral for a year and my sister in law lived there for three years and we never saw or had a bed bug or even a scare. The building is very clean...the best I have personally ever seen. When people come to my apartment they always make a comment about the state of the building and how fantastic it is. The caretaker is responsible and takes great pride in the building she calls home. I personally would recommend this as a clean,safe,nice place to call home.

10 balmoral does in fact have bed bugs, but the caretaker is on it as well as the agency (Galaxy) I have lived at this location for nearly 3 years, and the person who brought them to the building in the basement floor is the tenant in suite 3. His suite is very dirty(pig stye) and he himself is very unclean,, He is giving it to the adjoining suites and Galaxy and the pest control is doing everything it can to rid the bed bugs, but the first issue we realize is to evict the tenant in suite 3 beca

use he is not complying with what he is suppose to do before each spraying, so the bugs lay eggs and re hatch and create the problem all over again. He has been given his eviction notice, and once he is evicted, we will finally rid the basement floor of these lil bastards and this big dirty scum bastard

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I personally live at 10 Balmoral, and it is a very clean building, there may have been 1 0r 2 cases but thats it, and to the person who said the caretaker even has them, i know for a fact Teresa does not have them, and know who did have them as I am close to her and we talk, so get your facts straight!!!!!!

The buildings at 6 & 10 Balmoral are on a monthly contract to control all pests within the buildings, and if there are/were reports of bedbugs, they have been handled in a timely manner by professional exterminators.

Exterminators are often seen outside this place. They have sprayed for them on the second floor, in the apartments in the front of the building. The caretaker suite has them even.

several suites have bedbugs. galaxy management confirmed and said they have sprayed three times but I would still be wary. rent is cheap here for a reason. 6 balmoral (next door) has them too. 12/10/09

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