694 Sherbrook St
Winnipeg, MB R3B

Found 5 reports:

There are so much bedbugs in this apartment. My childrens gets bedbugs bites whenever they sleep. The landlord doesn't even care about their tenants. They should give an action to our situation.

A lot of bedbugs incident on this apartment and I killed bugs almost everyday, can someone help to treat this because my kids always have bites. landlord doesnt want to do anything as if he dont care about his tenants.

there have bed bugs right now, but do not spay once yet!!! I don't know where I can report to. I have tell the owner already, doesn't work. is have other way to report.

Ilive at 668 sargent avenue theres been alot of new tenants that have been moving in and out lately.because of the bedbugs, some suites have some more than others.the bedbugs have been here since the year 2006. they only spray when the bedbugs really get bad. and new owners took over so they spray once in a while.they never get rid of them!

there are bed bugs in 15, 16, 9, that i know of for sure. ( was sprayed recently, but.......

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