615 Sherbrook St
Winnipeg, MB R3B

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I ve been living there for bout a year and when the owner comes and spray the building he gives us notice that there will be spraying happening but then you get these retards who won't let you spray there suite and this keep the bedbugs alive then you get people fucking bringing in used furniture in the block and lettin six other people sleep in there one bed room apartment so I know the owners try there best to stop this promblem but you get retards who won't coroporaite with the owner there my

thought about this maybe people should learn to buy new furniture before grabbing shit off the street and making others having to suffer!!!!!!

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Holy fuck i stayed a couple nights at my homies place... well i anit doing that shit again i awoke in the middle of the night to find FUCKING BEDBUGS crawling on me what the fuck My buddy told me about them but i thought he was kidding on how bad man im never going there to vist to stay nuthing yo owners to that biohazard fix dat shit fucking gross ive seen some of the otheres in that block and there all chewed up to.. YO PEOPLE OUT THERE STAY AWAY FROM 615 SHERBROOK.St unless you love bedbug


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We have been here for a year and everyday the bugs get worse we now have nothing in our place but they still keep coming they come out of holes in the walls and out of the pluge outlets and we have contacted the office about this ad they told us to leave not to mention people here keep getting stuff from HANDS OF HOPE who are infeasted with bug, NO one will do anything about this bed bug problem

There is an om going problem with bedbugs. We have been exterminated but continue to be infested. We wake up every morning with fresh bites and smears on the bed. We have caught and bottled a few only to have the bottle mysteryiously disappear after a property inspection...mmm

This is not going to go away and neighbors agree.

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