480 Young St
Winnipeg, MB R3B

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Sorry, "Stacey" I just found this site to let people know about bedbugs.
I was in that apartment 12-480 Young st. from 2003 up to July 2006 when insects only appeared. Actually they started from the first floor in January 2006, the unit across the caretaker's unit, but nobody told. Management did some disinfection but only in units who complained. Some people did not care at all. There are always such people at this building. I escape as soon as I could, left all furniture and mattresses, but

I am sure some one still possess them. It is impossible to get rid of them in that old building, they live inside walls,floors, ceilings. Also I have a lot of mice in that apartment, they liked to steal my spaghetti and pasta from table under the sink.

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Once again, as I wrote above, I just moved into suite 12 on the first, it is now the eighth, and I have ten bites. I also have a new born baby, not good. Haven't copntacted the caretaker yet since it's still early but will be happening soon. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING!!!!!

I moved in in september of last year (2008) I live in suite 8 and have my place sprayed before christmas and as of today, march 18 2009, I found another one. Haven\'t contacted management yes seeing as they aren\'t open yet.

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