393 Kennedy St
Winnipeg, MB R3B

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I'd been living there for about two years. My place got infested with bedbugs.

we've been here for 7 months now, and we've got bed bugs twice, once in august low cost exterminator treated our suit twice that month. after few months we have it again they treated it again and i still find LIVE BED BUGS, its been a horrifying experience living in this place not to include the crazy land lady they have here. now were trying to move out of here ASAP.

I moved from a previously infested building - which I solved with Diatomaceous Earth. It really works. Just learn how to properly apply it (not too little, not too much). After several months of NO BEDBUGS THERE I moved to 393 Kennedy. Its been fine in my suite but people in the building had been hit with bedbugs. Its been ongoing here for a long time before I arrived according to people I've talked to here. They spray a few times. In their defense, Winpark does spray ajoining suites. Bu

t like most landlords, they refuse to understand the nature of bedbugs so they waste money, time and time again with sprays that only work for a while. I don't know why DE isn't used more widely as its so effective, not only for today but for months and years into the future.

If you have bedbugs, that fault is yours alone. Line your walls with a thin strip of DE and say goodbye to your BB problem. Teach your neighbors and they won't be constantly reintroducing the problem into your environment.

In Winnipeg you can buy food grade, fresh water Diatomaceous Earth at livestock feed stores as its mixed into cattle food to eradicate parasites. Its $23 for 50 lbs. Use a half face respirator with a Niosh 100 filter (less than $25 new) when applying it so you don't breathe in the fine dust which tends to billow up a bit when putting it down.

Raise your sleeping area off the ground ensuring no blankets hit the ground at night enabling the little buggers to crawl up and feast on you. DE takes a week or so to be effective so you have to be patient. Sleep in a cold room - they don't like cold and it will repel them somewhat. To make the DE even more effective, open the windows in the winter drastically lowering the temperature in that room on one side of a treated wall to drive them across the DE, then the other side to drive them back.

If anybody needs help in Winnipeg, email me: [email protected] and I'll be glad to contribute to eliminating this irritant. Everybody deserves a good night's sleep.

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I live at 393 Kennedy Street and our bedbug infestation began in late October. The response to the infestation has been 5 sprays and they have been 100% ineffective. More and more suites in this building are becoming infested. I have sent Winpark Dorchester 2 letters asking for their policy on pest control as it relates to bedbugs and I have not received any response. Upon contacting my neighbours, I know that Winpark only sprays infested suites and does not spray any surrounding suites. Win

park Dorchester is a slum management company that doesn't care about its resident customers, especially those that live in the city centre. A call is into the Environmental Health Dept Bylaw enforcement - I am tired of Winpark's lack of commitment to their residents.

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I'd been living there for about two months before my place got infested with bedbugs, there were notices on two of the apartments down the hall, but neither of which were posted by the building, nor was it made common knowledge when we were moving in that it was an issue with the building. Winpark Dorchester have the suite sprayed... but if they are reoccurring, all they will do for you is have the suite sprayed again, and again. Which is clearly only a short term fix if they keep coming back. A

ll in all, Winpark Dorchester's senior resident manager, a raving bitch I might add, will do nothing for you, so if you sign on a lease, to find you have bed bugs, good luck since the only way out of it is to get a sublet... and even than... be careful not to bring the bugs with you in your furniture or clothing after you move.

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