360 Colony St
Winnipeg, MB R3B

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My wife and I stayed on the 9th floor at this hotel on Saturday December 8, 2012. We didn't think of it as we have never encountered a bed bug issue before. In the morning, I noticed I had marks and itchy on my left arm near the armpit area. I counted close to 15 bites. I thought it was allergic reaction but to this day, I still claim it was bug bites. My wife had a few on her as well. I called the Manager to look into the matter. I haven't heard from the manager yet as they were waiting for an

outside company to look into the matter. The staff were extremely courteous and I thank them for that. I have been dry heating my clothes and everyting else since we got home. I just hope everything will be okay from here on in. I am not saying don't stay at this hotel, I am sure they are dealing with it so that it can be prevented for the future guests.

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We stayed here Feb 11th and when we got up in the morning and were packing our things to leave, we saw bugs on the white sheets on the bed and just about died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't believe it!!! They were bugs that looked like apple seeds which is what we had heard bed bugs looked like. We got our room charge credited back to us and a promise from the manager that this room would be shut down and exterminated but our suitcases, clothes, coats and shoes are now in the trash in our gara

ge. I will not dare bring these in the house and risk contaminating our home. The hotel in general and staff were very good - never expected the bed bugs!!!!!! We were shocked!!! and so very upset!!!!!!!

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found tons of bed bugs on the corners of the bed we stayed in. got the hotel for free so we wouldnt say anything most likely but not worth sleeping with those disgusting things

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