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Its one suite there causing it all, right by laundry room on the third floor middle door.

Fleas only live for 2 weeks on human blood, then die off. And it's not flea season right now, (early spring and fall). Catch one of them and put it in a ziploc freezer bag, then look at it with a magnifying glass. If it has lines running over it's back and looks like a little apple seed it's probably a bedbug. You can look up what they look like online

Haven't fully found out what these little bugs are that we have in our suite. I believe they are fleas. This is a pet free building and even though I do not have animals we have them. I'm so beyond words right now. I have a baby and she's being bitten as well as myself. I have no idea how to get rid of them the fall threw the sealing and hide in the floor grout. So super annoyed and discussed.

Anytime someone is sprayed 5 times for bedbugs means that there are tenants in there that DON"T PREPARE PROPERLY for spray. And it catches up innocent tenants. The rental agency should not tolerate 5 sprays for any tenant. Anyone that drags stuff OUT of their suites because they have bugs just drops them off ALL DOWN THE HALLWAYS. To say the landlord does nothing is obviously FALSE since there has been 5 sprays. Blame the rental agency and the offending tenants. Grow up.

Yep of course I did find them this morning so pissed. good job Towers for taking the propor preventative measures in treating neighboring suits to the affected ones. just let them spread around from apartment to apartment idiots...

SO mad heard there is an infestation of bed bugs on the third floor west wing found that out today. makes sense since seeing dirty furniture outside also notice people across from me leaving one day with all their stuff and notes on doors to contact landlord right away. so I asked them and yes they have been treating their place 5 times now and the one next door 2 times this is right across from me. seems the rental company and landlord are keeping it all hush hush well im calling them tomorrow

this is bullshit im right across the hall seems like only a matter of time till I get them?? so pissed off..

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Came home to see couches outside with a sign saying do not take bedbugs. And the lovely thing heard all the moving around 9 pm. So awesome. Landlord has not even addressed this .
August 18 2015

August 18, 2015
Came home from work this morning found couches and beds out by the dumpster with a note not to take because they have bedbugs. Not exactly sure what suits but I below its in the main floor they've been moving things out for the past few days. There has been no notice from the company that owns the building or landlord in the building to any residence (including myself) I just put two and two together.

Maybe if people would stop dragging shit out of the garbage there wouldn't be a problem. You can't blame the landlord for tennents being pigs. Anytime there's been a problem its been handled asap. And any landlord i know that lives in the building wouldn't want bugs themselves...
Instead of trying to hide the problem inform so that they can get rid of them.

Could someone please provide an update as to whether the problem in this building has been eradicated, or has the spraying of certain suites been so random that the bugs are migrating to all the other suites that haven't been sprayed . Thank you.

More units have been sprayed in this location. I lived there and was in the know. Half the time people are dragging in crap from the garbage. These reports make it sound isolated. It's not. most buildings have crap crawling in them. The rental agencies make sure the caretakers don't volunteer info. Trust me on this one. Ask them before you rent.

5/15/12 A few weeks ago my boyfriend noticed an odd bug that kinda looked like a bed bug, did a search and found nothing. Yesterday, i saw a weird bug, looked it up and realized it was. After a thorough search we found fifteen to twenty bugs within nine hours. We weren't notified of the previous bed bug infestation even though we were living here at the time, and currently trying to get a hold of the caretaker.

I moved in and within the span of 2 months my apartment was infected. The bugs were in my carpets, couches, bed, closets, everything!

I called the landlord and within 3 days they had someone out to spray. I ended up throwing out 90% of my stuff. 5 weeks later the bed bugs came back twice as bad.

The exterminator has been in once again… so we’ll see what happens now.

My kid is covered in bites! - Started around the first of March 2009.

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