418 Polson Ave
Winnipeg, MB R2W 0N6

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A young couple that I know & their newborn baby moved into 418 polson Avenue and 4hrs later left after seeing bed bugs all over baby stuff. Landlord blamed them for bringing them in. ONLY 4 hrs being there, no way would it of been that infected in 4 hrs! Found some in the sink & tub too. Landlord denied ever having them but pulled up the carpet in some corners in front of her and BAM dead and live bed bugs. Landlord kept the rent and 95% of damage deposit by having some company come in and say t

hey did a major clean that they left it dirty.. How could it be dirty after only 4hrs of being there smh. Place did get sprayed before she terminated their lease and kept all funds to pay for spray and unnecessary major clean.

It’s landlords responsibility not tenants especially if they didn’t bring them in. Wonder how many others this landlord done this to!

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