865 Sinclair St
Winnipeg, MB R2V

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I dont live there myself, however I know someone who does live there, because I visit there, and this building is infested, bad. Manitoba housing is useless and so is Astroid managment. They both should be ashamed of themselves, allowing this to spread as far as it has, not just in this building, but their buildings around the city, which have bedbugs as well.

People in this building move their aparments around probably every 6 weeks or so, for "Precautionary" sprayings. With 60 somthing s

uites in there, its a goldmine for the exterminators. Why get rid of the problem, when they can keep coming back and making a ton of cash. Its sad to see some people take advantage of others sufferings.

When they spray, its not the entire building, over and over, like it should be...its some suites here and there that report having bedbugs, so this really doesnt fix the problem. I beleive the company that sprays is Poulins. I think their useless as well, dont call them if you need somesort of extermination. Your probably better off paying for someone to steam or heat your apartment up.

As a last note to anyone reading this, Please, Please, dont move into this building, and if you can help it, dont rent from astroid managment or Manitoba Housing Ever. I really urge people to submit a posting, if you know of a place that has bedbugs, even if your afraid to say somthing. The owner has allowed anonymoty, so, dont be afraid to speak up.

I would also like to thank the owner, Maciej Ceglowski , for creating this site. Its very helpful, in keeping track of places everywhere that have bedbugs.

I would also like to put in here some links about bedbugs for the people and the owner of this site, which im sure will find these links very informative. Two links have a PDF file you can download and print. I hope this is alright with the owner of the site =)

These include, bedbug information, Information on Pyrethrum (it kills the bugs), and a place in Winnipeg that sells Bug Sprays with Pyrethrum in certain concentrations. I havent called the number to this place, and im not certain if this place sells to the general public, but its worth the phonecall. The company is a distributor of a certain bugspray brand.

^^ information on Pyrethrum

^^ the distributer with the spray -- Its a PDF file, so you need Adobe Reader.

^^ Very Very informative PDF file on Bed Bugs. Adobe Reader is needed.

^^ This site tells you how to build your own BedBug Detector

^^This one is for anyone who likes to read about possible conspiracies. Its very Interesting for sure.

Thanks again Maciej Ceglowski,

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iam still the same person with the last few complaints, yes I am hoping to move out this year
as its hard to find places in this area that are clean. there still is an on going problem with bed bugs
bugs. Manitoba housing has been spraying for almost 2 years and they wont admit that they cant control
the problem . lots of tenants have left because of bed bugs but new ones move in because the management
Astroid does not tell anyone there is a problem with
Bed Bugs and they dont scren new pe

ople to make sure
they arent bringing bugs in. there are people bringing
things in from the garbage. My advice is stay away from this place, its dirty inside, there are some
undesirable tenants but the biggest problem is the poor management that doesnt care! neither does Manitoba Housing but at least they spray every month!

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I am the same tenant with the last two comments.
There still is an on going bed bug problem in this
building. I am still one of the lucky ones that
has no problems . I spray my own apartment because
Manitoba Housing has done inspections in Jan/2011
and in Feb./2011 and said I am clean so Poulins
does not need to spray my place. Manitoba Housing
is doing another inspection Mar.4/2011 because
there have been more tenants reporting bug problems. Man. Housing has been cutting back and

spraying where they need to. Also alot of
tenants wont let anyone in to inspect or spray so
it is causing the bugs to spread. Man. Housing
does not know why the problem is not being
controlled and tenants are tired of what is going
on. Lots of people have moved out and I and my sister who also lives in this building are looking
to move out!Its hard to move being on Provincial
Assistance! This building is not good to live in!
Manitoba Housing keeps saying the bug problem is
not that bad but they cant figure out why there
are more apartments with bugs? I DO NOT ADVISE

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I am the same tenant that gave
a previous report.
This is an update. Manitoba Housing and
Poulins did a recent inspection on Jan.7, 2011
because they are having trouble controlling the
bed bugs. Exterminators have been spraying various
apartments for about 5months, once a month.
There are places that were clear but now have bugs. No tenants seems to know what is exactly the situation. I was told by another tenant that there are more apartments with bugs.
Something is not working! I sti

ll get sprayed for pecaution due to an infested apartment that is
below my next door neighbour.Neither Manitoba
Housing or Astroid Management are saying anything
about the current problems. It might be time to get legal advice!! Yes I am planning to move out!
Again I do not advise anyone to rent an apartment
in this building!

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I am a resident of this apartment building but
want to move out. There has been an on going bed bug problem for at least 5years since I have been living here. I am one of the lucky people, I have had no problems but have been sprayed for precaution.
The problem is the current property management(Astroid) does not care about this building.They do not tell people who want to rent an apartment that there are bed bugs.
They have been managing this building for 2 years. There are about 30 apa

rtments with
bed bugs out of 120. Astroid management knew of
the problem when they took over 2 years ago when there was only half as many apartments that had bugs but their only concern is collecting rent.
Since it is a Manitoba Housing building, Astroid
management did not want to spend any more money or
be responsible so Manitoba Housing is now paying
for an exterminator(Poulins) to spray apartments.
It seems the problem has not improved much. You have to watch when you go on the elevators because there may be bugs, You can not sit on any furniture in the lobby because there are bugs. One
of the main problems is that there are alot of people with mental disorders that walk around on every floor looking for cigarettes or money taking bugs with them. There are alot of people who are moving out because of the bed bugs, they
are fed up with the management. Also Astroid management wont do any fixing when a tenant needs
something repaired. I do not advise anyone to rent an apartment in this building!!

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there has been an ongoing problem with bedbugs, in this nine storey apartment block, with over one hundred suites. It first serviced two and a half years ago and has not been resolved as of today. A great deal of the tenants are on social assistance and living under Manitoba housing. One of the suites was looked at by a health inspector and it was reported that he had never seen anything like it. He reported, that the place could of walked away. The tenant left the premises for three months

, only to return to the same problem.

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