130 Beliveau Rd
Winnipeg, MB R2M

Found 2 reports:

October 18, 2015. 2nd floor. Find 1 bedbug in bathroom on hanging towel. Live unfed adult. Westside of suite. Questioned presence in bathroom and possible isolated incident?
Next day (19th) 2 in the bathroom. Same maturity.

October 20th. Find 1 full size adult unfed in living room and 1 medium unfed (flat) at east side of suite.

Notified management of the ones in the bathroom October 20th as prior day was putting down GreenEarth bedbug powder.

Still waiting for 'response or notificatio

n' on October 23rd & will not hesitate to raise awareness to severiry of this incident nor my opinion in acting fast on this matter as well as legal representation to breaking the lease due to health matters.

see full report...

the children og our room mate have an infestation and the apt was sprayed april 23/12. as of april 26/12 live bed bugs are still there.

how do we prevent the bed bugs from comimng to our home?

No nearby bug reports