490 Talbot Ave
Winnipeg, MB R2L

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I lived in this block. We had to listen to this women getting verbally attacked by the owner Bruce Russell when she tried to tell him she was getting bit by bedbugs, and needed them to do something. He started yelling and swearing saying there was NO BEDBUGS! Then followed her down the hallway still yelling at her saying some really awful things to her.when she told him she would call someone that she was not going to keep getting bit like that while he did nothing. Again he started swearing and

threatening her, how he was going to evict her if she caused any problems for him and then continued to make racial slurs.We could hear her telling him "stop following me and saying those disgusting things to me...or I will be phoning the police!" He then started laughing at her telling her " you don't know who your messing with!" then started bragging how he had buddy's on the police force and could have her arrested if he wanted to. We were shocked at his abusive behavior and couldn't believe what he did. When we spoke to her a couple of days later she showed us a eviction notice to be out in 30 days because they wanted the suite for there own use. This lady lived in the block for 5 years and had no problems until the owners asked her to move to another suite because they claimed they had forgot to put a vapor lining down under the hardwood floor in her suite, that they laid 4 years prior....yeah right! It turned out they wanted to give another tenant her suite because this other tenant (who i personally know) wanted to move from a 2 bedroom to a one bedroom and had lived in the block for over 30 years. So the owners lie to this lady to get her to move. only to find out shes in a suite full of bedbugs!The tenant showed me she had caught a couple and had them in a jar. The health inspectors came and laid traps and caught more of them. when the health inspector arrived to get the traps he told her the owners lied to him and told him she had moved and that's why he didn't return when he was suppose to and picked up the bedbug traps, which had two bedbugs in it...eeewww! I'am totally shocked at the way these owners are allowed to behave...Does anyone police these types of property owners? I personally have never witnessed anything like this in all my years of renting. These owners are extremely abusive to the tenants who stand up to them and this isn't the first time Ive witnessed them abusing tenants. they shouldn't even be allowed to be around tenants. Thankfully we are out of the building and don't have to listen to there abusive outbursts, or put up with their shady behavior.

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I lived at this building for 5 years.

When I first moved into my suite, it only took a few short weeks to learn it was infested with cat fleas, they were caught, proven, and told that I had brought them in... funny thing is, I had never ever owned a cat before..

Anyways, when I lived in the apartment I became good friends with many tenants in the building, some long term and some who lasted short months, due to many issues that infest this address.

There were two different tenants who

experienced bedbugs in this address, one was able to move out right away and did so not only because of the bedbugs but also because of the abusive way the landlords treated the tenant who spoke up.

We have documents that we will be scanning/uploading to add to this post in a short time to prove the allegation. There are definitely Bed Bugs at this building.
Certain names will be withheld because of ongoing issues with these landlords.

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I live next door to apt 3 in this building and have been inspected by both the City and a pest company, and there are no bed bugs. If as this tenant claimed for over a year there were bed bugs the whole building would be infested. There has been no treatments done.

As a tenant I resent this woman's fales and slanderous claims.

Thankfully she is now out of the building and we do not have to deal with her and her outbursts anymore.

490 Talbot . Apt 3 basment floor. There is an infestation . we were notified by the tenant of the suite, and lied to by the landlady. We were told there was nothing to worry about, that the tenant was "a disgruntled tenant who had been evicted". This has been going on for a few weeks now... On april 15th 2011 we witnessed someone moving all of her furniture out the window (so it could not be spread down the halls) yet we have not been notified or warned. The landlady has neglected to return or a

nswer any calls for the last 3 days. The furniture still remains outside beside the garbage bin (marked with : "DO NOT TOUCH INFESTED WITH BED BUGS" !!!. )
-We are very upset, due to this effects everyone in this building , there childrens schools, our places of work, and family and friends.

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