1152 Munroe Ave
Winnipeg, MB R2K

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In about November I had notified resident manager at the time in Apt 1150 munroe that I had felt stuff crawling on my A’s I’m trying to get to sleep that weekend I couldn’t deal with the gross feeling so I went and bought spray sprayed my place and then on the Tuesday I had went to the office to see if they would refund me she said no if you have them we will take care of them I then waited and still had heard nothing from her I ended I doing one more spray before I had went back I had gon

e to the office again and at this time it was the property manager that lived on site I had told her I believe I have bed bug and the feeling of these things crawling on me has been getting worse she had proceeded to tell me there is nothing we can do about it unless you bring us proof I was left speechless I mean I’m not an exterminator they could be literally anywhere and I look and look and still couldn’t find them and we eventually got new management for the building about start of August and I had told the new lady right away the next day she had someone come in within 30 seconds of the orkin coming in he had said you got bed bugs so and since the problem wasn’t assessed in the first place a lot of suits in this building could be really badly infested there has been 2 sprays done already and there are still catching things in the traps I have been living in this torment For 9 months and this isn’t fare I would not wish this on anyone it has been making me go mad

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I posted about 1150, and we have not had a problem. once the company sprays and sets traps, and you clean EVERYTHING, they should not return. if you had them once, doesnt mean you will get them again. fingers crossed!

1152 and 1150 and run by the same company and Residential Manager.
This is in reference to 1150 Munroe.
We noticed them in our suite and immediately told the landlord, and about a week later they came in to do treatment. The landlord was not helpful at all, and in fact stated how much of a hassle it was for her. They also told us that our building (1150) had never been treated, which was not true. The suite across the hall had them, and the tenants there did not follow procedures or do anythi

ng to help the situation and were evicted. They treated our suite and have had no further problems, as well as cleaned/treated and painted the problem suite across the hall. Lets hope they do not return.

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2nd floor - Figured I have probably had them for 6 weeks prior to noticing that I was being bitten at night. Lots of blood streaks on the sheet - was quite ignorant about them but I am no longer ignorant. Landlord states will spray whole apt but still not feeling comfortable about this. I hear they are not easy to get rid of and you can get re-infested again.

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