960 Archibald St
Winnipeg, MB R2J

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Andy- Cold does not kill bedbugs, only slows them down. You can freeze one in an icecube, dethaw it and it will still be alive. You need to kill bedbugs with HEAT. 45 degress celcius or higher

tenants are unawareof an andy at this site fictacious name maybe...who supposedly did he repot the problem to,bldg mgr or owner we think not.we as tenants have had nono problem when we report a problem to bldg mgr or owners,matter was taken care of immediately.it is up to us as tenants to cooperatewith mgmnt and any firm sent to deal with the matter or any problem you may have.

tenants at this site unaware of a andy residing in building. landlord has been doing all that can be done to resolve said problem,poulins has been to the building several times. without full cooperation from tenants and also prompt disclosure it is avery difficult probvlem to deal with .as of today may 3rd 2011 they are monitoring the situation and doing what needs to be done

Apt # - All of them (at least on the North sides of the 2nd and 3rd floors)

Started in the Fall of 08, and just got worse and worse. Landlords did absolutely nothing about it. Moved out in 09, had to throw out most of my furniture because costs to get it frozen (in the middle of summer) to kill all the bugs was too high.

Tip : In a frigid climate, wait until winter to move, so you can just leave you couch, bed, etc in the back of an unheated moving truck or garage for a week.

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