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I found bedbugs in my suite about 2 weeks before Christmas of 2008. Told the caretaker and they just sprayed My suite (even tho i knew what suite they were coming from) After they sprayed my suite they told me that we HAD to stay in the apartment because the only way the spray was going to work is that the bed bugs had to come out to "feed" and cross the spray before they would "die" Yeah right, I'm not going to stay in a bedbug infested apartment with my 2 year old son to be bitten???? My lease

was up a few weeks later so i had no problem leaving. What i couldn't believe is that while my place was being sprayed with my mattress up against the wall...my caretaker was STILL showing my suite to rent out when i left....like really?? He told me not to tell ANYONE that there was bed bugs. Oh well not living there now, and not sure if they still have them or not...but just thought i would post this as a warning for people because i would like to know even if they had them a few years ago

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