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I found bed bugs in my apartment on June 29/2012. I was badly bitten numerous times before anything was done about the situation.Poulin's came to my apt.to check and said there was no bed bug activity,at this time i had over 80 bites on my body!They left traps and still said no bed bugs.I found a live bug and my daughter took it to poullin's and they were able to tell me that it was a baby bed bug.Poullin's came back in and sprayed for bed bugs, my daughter vacuumed my apartment and found 23 la

rge dead bed bugs and signs of shedding skin and eggs.I'm still waiting to hear from the agency as to what they are going to do about this situation.The other tennants have not recieved any notification of this.I'm still unable to return to my apartment to live.I am a 76 year old non-mobile person.Does anyone know who to contact to remove my remote chair (which i live in) from the apartment for safe disposal? I feel very distraught & cannot take care of these types of things on my own.

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