1301 Rothesay St
Winnipeg, MB R2G

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Our wonderful property manager called to inform us that there had been a bedbug complaint in the unit above us, and for that reason, they are coming in shortly to treat our unit as a preventative measure. Fortunately, I've not seen a bedbug neither in my apartment here, nor anywhere prior. I'm very satisfied that they're being pro-active in treating the problem.

They are back big time. The entire building us infested now.

Living on the fourth floor of this building.

A month ago started to suffer from bits.
Searched the area and found ONE bedbug. The creature was sent to a long trip down the toilet.

Surprisingly since then no bits at all. So I guess it is one of three;
1. That was a scout and the others doesn't know if here is some food for them
2. The bug was a "lonely wolf" and didn’t like his community.
3. Other members of his group don't want to travel the same route and decided to move on.

I lived at 1301 Rothesay Street, suite 424 from July 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010. I never had an incident until they sprayed the suite opposite of me. I am guessing around February-March 2010. My children, finally moved into the apartment as they were living in their home previously due to a custody battle and we have never experienced this issue before. I moved myself out of the master bedroom as I was there with my futon and I purchased two new single beds for my children to share the bedroom

. One night I decided to sleep in my children's room as I had moved my sleeping quarters into the living room and decided to keep my futon as a couch instead of a bed and slept in my child's bed instead. That evening was one I will never forget, but didn't know the symptoms, so didn't think much of it. I woke up in the middle of the night scratching like crazy, but didn't see anything, so just thought I had a allergic reactions to something, but couldn't figure out what. The morning I woke up, I had welts along my arm and it was almost in a line and stated to my friend it felt like I had tons of bugs crawling all over me. Left it at that as my child suffers from eczema and am now thinking this is why his skin wasn't improving. He would cry and scratch and only he had it as his bed at the beginning and his captain's bed became the host for the creatures. I never noticed it again until I moved out of the apartment and into my new home on July 2010. It was so hot and again I slept in my child's bedroom and the same thing happen, I woke up and started to scratch. It took me 6 weeks to realize as I had seen two doctors and they couldn't diagnose what it was for sure, they said kind of like bug bites. People started to say "Wow you have lots of mosquito bites and that is exactly what it looks like if you are allergic to the saliva of the Bed bugs otherwise known as BB. So I am telling you this information to know the symptons and tell your area manager right away to spray. Once you are infested with them, if you have a scratch in the middle of the night, turn on the light quickly and you will see little dots moving. Some people think they look like wood tics but smaller. If they are red they have been biting you and will start to lay eggs close to wear you sleep. They are nocturnal and are hard to find as I would clean my child's sheets twice a week.

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current infestation on fourth floor believed to orginated on third.. this is the second time the pest control people have sprayed on this floor but i doubt it will be the last. Currently trying to get out of my lease before they spread to my suite

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