441 Edison Ave
Winnipeg, MB R2G 0M2

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Lived at this address for almost two years and not a bite,until spring 2019.Woke up and had close to 10-12 bites across my legs,arms face and back of the neck.Asked a few of the other tenants and they said they had a few bites but didn't want to complain for fear they'd be evicted for bringing it up to management, or be accused of bringing those biters in.Stayed there until summer and had to junk $2,000 worth of my furniture/bedding,dressers,etc.Sunrex doesn't care about their tenants and want t

o keep their bug infested suites the way they are.There is no discipline or rules with noise either(eg:really loud TV,etc) so the bugs go to the quieter suites,away from distractions.Their property manager stinks as well as she doesn't care about what goes on either.Please stay away from this building and agency altogether,unless you're rich to re-afford everything!

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Had about 3-4 bed bugs in our suite at 441 Edison Ave(late summer 2019).Brought it up to the Resident Manager and they accuse the tenants that give the complaint,the carrier of them.Not a very good agency and Sunrex Management should be charged for not taking action,instead of blaming innocent people to keep them safe.Please don't rent here as they will not take care of matters such as these.Thank you.

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