287 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02474-8331

Found 4 reports:

Tenants are moving in and not told the building is infested. Building is only rented through Craigslist or Section 8. A mattress that was discarded by the dumpster was dragged into the building and has been left in the basement since January. Tenants have moved out. Do not move into this building.

Landlord has been treating for bedbugs without telling tenants. Several years ago tried fumigation. Many tenants have moved out due to bedbugs. New tenants moving in are not told that the building is infested. Building is rented through Craigslist so there is no disclosure. Tenants still being bitten. Discarded mattresses dragged from dumpster out back and left in basement hall.

Active bedbug infestation. Poor building management, eg., discarded new mattresses standing in basement hallway for weeks. Tenants not being told building has bedbugs. No on-going building-wide treatment. New tenants not being told building has bedbugs.

Building management ineffective--for example, a discarded mattresses left in hallway has not been removed for weeks. Tenants have moved out because of bed bugs.

No nearby bug reports