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Jen Murray
63 Maple St
Norwood, MA 02062-2160
United States
[email protected]

This woman is a scam artist, a thief, and a psychopath. Avoid her and her scam business if you don't want to get ripped off! She owes me $2500!

i moved in at the very end of march, and within the first month i began getting itchy red welts all over me, mostly in multiples. i did some online research and figured it was bedbugs. the apartment was sprayed but it did nothing.. it continued to get worse where i was so itchy i was literally in tears. the landlord didnt seem to care too much. at one point i thought i was allergic to something in the house, until i woke up with a bedbug on my pillow and another in my sheets. i had them identifi

ed and the apartment was sprayed again. there are so many bugs in there they are visible and out in the daytime (not normal bedbug behavior) i moved out of the apartment because the landlord is not fixing the problem, hoping not to take them with me when i relocate. i truely feel sorry for whoever moves in after me. good luck!

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