6901 N Ridge Blvd
Chicago, IL 60645-3524

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The whole building with 17 units is infested with bedbugs. Everyone confirmed that their apartments are infested with bedbugs and roaches.Our landlord Gabor Zsolnay has been told of the issue by all 17 unit occupants but does nothing.I am positive this will spread down the block into the next building and so on.We as tentants had no idea it was so bad and our left to fend for ourselves with this huge,infestation of bedbugs.One eldery woman was covered from head to toe with over 50 bites she did

nt know what it was until she was told by her physician who she went to for excessive itching. All of the tentants are covered with bites.It is the most disgusting thing I have ever encountered.
September 17th,2010

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