7222 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60645-2410

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I went into this building today to view apartment and saw a few bugs ...im not sure if they were bed bugs if any one know about the problem being fixed please say something before i move in ...thank u

I too live at this address and the bedbug situation is totally out of control. My right arm and both legs are completly covered in bites and very embarrassing - I woke up the other morning with a bedbug in my right ear. The landlord has only treated my one bedroom wall (even though a room has 4 walls)which lasted about a week before the bedbugs reappeared. I feel I'm on bug patrol everynight before I go to bed and have done everything in my power to get rid of them. When I approached the lan

dlord again about this he told me I didn't follow his instructions (which he never gave to me and have been following instructions I got off the internet). He became very angry with me when I told him he needs to get a proffessional bug company in to do the WHOLE building and not just certain ones. My landlord has also said to me he was going to shut the building down so he doesn't have this problem and I asked if the tenants would receive notice and he said "Why". The man is very ignorant and does not like to deal with anything that requires he put money out but always has his hand out come rent time. The Building Inspector came by the other day and was asking questions about bugs and rodents. He said there has been many complaints regarding this building. I am tired of waking up every morning and scratching half my skin off or waking up in the middle of the night to kill a bug thats crawling on me. I am at my wits end and can't afford to move nor throw my brand new bed away. Please if there is anyone in the legal proffession or the City that can help us at this building please do so. We also have alot of illegal residents who aren't saying anything to the landlord as they are afraid and all the landlord does is blame them for bringing them in. The landlord also made mention of another apartment on my floor who has had the bedbugs for along time - I ask again why if he knows this hasn't anything been done.

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Moved in. Discovered bed bugs by seeing them and gettng bit. The landlord blamed me, said I brought them in the my mattress. After speaking to several tennants, Its what he tells everyone who notifies him of bedbugs.

He gave me some Raid, that didnt work. So he sent in an exterminator twice. He only sprayed my apartment and the adjacent apartment. No other apartments, even though its a building wide phenomenae.

Now he said he will not send in the exterminator again.

This buildin

g is infested. The landlord will only do something when you are firm. He will blame you. And he is rude.

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