2050 W Chase Ave
Chicago, IL 60645-2408

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My name is Edwin L. Gibson; my wife and i just recently signed lease for Cagan management property 2048 1/2 W Chase Apt 2c 1bdrm for Aug 5, 2011. When we move in the unit, we decided not to furnished the unit due to we had all our major items in storage and my wife wanted new funiture. So the only items we had for funiture was two queen size air bed for us to sleep on. So the third day of living in the unit my wife and i was` experiencing some bite marks on arms and legs. I on hand thought the b

ites we mosquito related and didnt think otherwise. So on through the week we kind of delt with the issue until that friday evening. My wife than reported to me that while she, my 1yr old son was sleeping in the room, she had noticed two or three very small like bugs crawling on the wall of the bedroom and got up to investigate the bugs. After researching the bugs on the internet, that is when it was confirmed that our unit 2c was infested with the bugs. Immeiatedly that saturday we contacted management and told them of the problem. The engineer was not available to help but was able to contact the exterminator out to spray the unit.It took an hour for help to arrive. The engineer had sent out his assistant who could not speak english sod communication with him was very hardd but i di manage to show him what was found in our bedroom. After lifting up the air matress that i was laying on next to the wall and the heating vent, i had shown him the dead bed bugs that was smahed underneath it and along sied the wall where they possibly nested at. At that point he was stating that the property never had this problem he dont understand how could it had happened basically stated that it was us who brought it there. Wow!!! So while keeping my composure i pointed to him the little baby bug that just crawled out the heating vent. He paniced and quickly the engineer became available to talk with me on the matter. When the exterminator arrived he looked into the unit and asked where bout did i see the bugs and i showed him where and he began spraying without giving me notice. The fumes started to become a` problem i was having trouble breathing and opened up the windows` in the bedroom. Then he stated how it would be impossible for us to have brought in bugs due to the fact that there was not funiture inside the entire uniot and also that he did not see the unit as being dirty not clean. So he suggested that i report to manangement monday moring and demand my money back or relocate us to another building that they also manage. So my wife and i did just that. While at the office explaing our issue to personnel cause the property manager was for some reason was unavailable to taqlk to us, She decided to cut us a check with the agreement to moveout. No apology was given not we will investigate the issue just here is you money pack your things and go. Now my mothert in law who for 25 years plus is still at this complex and she is eldery of 71yrs. We are very concerned also of the other tenants who have children and family there who dont know` of the issue. What can i do about that.

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