7514 N Hoyne Ave
Chicago, IL 60645-2108

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11/03/2011 There are still bed bugs in this property, i had to move out of my unit due to extensive bites. Very unhealthy environment, consistent bed bug problem that management lost control over and their unprofessional exterminating tactics of "do it your self" don't work, they just wont spend any money to treat the units professionally. And even when they do they only treat one or two units out of 43? In general i would recommend staying away for Hoyne Suites LLC and 7514-20 n Hoyne.

As of March 2011. My husband and I found blood spots on our sheets. They started appearing more and more everyday. We were itching and scratching all over. In April of 2011, I got a call from my daughter saying she killed a bed bug in our room on our bed. She took a picture and I immediately called the landlord. They stated they were going to do something but did nothing at all. We brought spray and sprayed our whole room. In May, we were still itching and scratching. While cleaning my other dau

ghters room we saw a bed bug on the wall. It ran into an open crack in the ceiling (bad rehabbing) before we got.a chance to kill it. We brought more spray and sprayed her room (doesn't have any furniture in her room yet). Instead of the landlord and/or management buying spray we had to use our own money to buy spray. Still they did nothing. In June my younger daughter, went to stay with her grandmother immediately. She was so freaked out she wanted nothing to do with the apartment. At this time my husband and I began sleeping on the chair and sofa in our living room. We both work long hours and have to get up early in the am. Due to being bitten and eaten by bed bugs, we failed to get any rest in weeks. The bed bugs had gotten extremely worst in July. They spreaded to every part of our apartment including our kitchen and bathroom. They crawled on the kitchen walls, on the towels in our bathroom, the shower/bed tub and around the tub. We are very clean people. Mind you the bulding is not as great as they say it is. We were seeing bed bugs in the daylight. Thats how bad they were. We were still sleeping on the sofa, still spraying, and the landlord still did nothing. By the end of July, My daughter had come to get more clothes for her grandmothers. In August, My older daughter who lives in a the same building but a different section, had seen a couple of bed bugs in her apartment. They are not extremely bad but they are bad considering there was a 4 month baby girl living there. In August my older daughter had calling 311, and the health department. I was scared to report the problem. I didnt know what the landlord would do. I didnt want to get evicted. My younger daughter so freaked out put everything she owned in big giant clear plastic bags. She was bitten and itching and scratching while home. She didnt go back to her grandmothers because she didnt want to bring the bugs there. My older daugher found a powder online and suggested it to the landlord. Several days later in August we were given some powder to put down. We were given $20 to split between my older daughter and I were told " here wash all your clothes with this". I took that as an insult. We later threw away our bed and continue to sleep on the sofa. The bed bugs were still worse. My younger daughter refused to sleep in her bed and started to sleep on the sofa. She itched and scratched and slapped her arm witin 30 mins of being on the couch. She jumped up and said something was crawling on her. She turned on the light and looked in/around the sofa. Only to look down and fin it on her shirt. She flicked it off. My husband had gotten up to get ready for work at 2:30 am, she took.his spot on the couch. She laid down to only jump up and say something was crawling on my nose. She went into herroom and cried herself to sleep. she never laid on the couch or sofa since. She returned to her grandnothers but returned home 5 days later. We wrapped my daughters bed and our bed in plastic. We eventually threw away our bed, and continued sleeping on the couch. There was no point in trying to keep it when there was cracks and holes in the floor and ceiling that they could use to hid. Everyday allday we were bitten, but we couldnt do anything about it. We looked for bed bug covers but stores were sold out. We asked the landlord to reinburst us for throwing away our bed. They said NO. in the beginning of September, we searched for a new bed. After finding and one we bought it. We didnt use it the first 4 days we had it. Instead we put ut in my daughters empty bedroom. Giid thing ut came with plastic on it. My younger daughter stayed at her sisters who lives in a different part of the builiding. After nearly a month she came back home the 18th of Sept. She tried sleeping in her bed but couldnt. She took the living room chairs and put them together. She has been sleeping in them since the 19 of Sept. She has failed to get any rest. She wakes up stiff and in pain. When she wants to.take a nap.or sit down she.lays in the chairs. She says her ear hurts and she hopes its regular ear pain and not something that crawled in her ear while sleeping. The bed bugs are still here. They're small ones, big ones, huge ones, newborns etc. They still continue to crawl on the walls and are still visible in the daylight. God please help us

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Good news! The building was purchased in April 2010 by a professional management company and is being fully and extensively rehabbed. New porches, roof, masonry, boiler, hot water system. Also all the units are being fully rehabbed. New landscaping will finish this beautiful Chicago "old school" but newly remodeled court yard!
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There are bed bugs in multiple units at this address. Property went into foreclosure and is being maintained by a court-appointed receiver. Needless to say, the management is not investing sufficiently in the building's upkeep and as a result it's condition has continued to worsen. 4/22/09

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