1328 W Estes Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-5402

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3/2011 Apt 2N
Bil-Mar Mgmt. I've lived here 3 years, and last July had bedbug problem. Mgmt dragged their feet about getting an exterminator, so I paid for one myself. All was fine until a few weeks. Part of my ceiling fell down (water damage) and then the bugs returned. Mgmt doubted that there were bedbugs. REFUSES TO TREAT THE ENTIRE BUILDING. Did call an exterminator for me. I later found out that another tenant across the courtyard ALSO had bedbugs. She said she had contacted mg

mt the week before I called. They never contacted her back. So, my calling shouldn't have been a surprise to them.
Lousy, shady mgmt. LOTS O BEDBUGS. Don't rent here.

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