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On February 24, 2011 I was cleaning my house and flipped my mattress to clean and I found bed bugs in my bed. I would estimate that there were probably about ten full grouwn bed bugs in my bed and quite a few eggs that had been laid. I threw away my mattress and my bed, because I know from a friend that these bugs are very hard to get rid of once they have laid eggs in your bed. I then cleaned and quarantined my bedroom and check my sons room. I found no bugs anywhere else in the house. The fol

lowing day I phoned the mgmt company to tell them of my findings, and they never returned my call. Then on Friday March 4,2011 I was sitting on my couch when my son found a bed bug crawling over it, he put it in a jar. I then began spraying and cleaning the living room and duck taping all of my baseboards through out the house. I still didn't find any bugs in my sons bed or any in the couch that I could see.
The following morning Saturday 3/5/11 I was up early washing everything in my house as instructed on the internet and while in the laundry room I ran into a lady who started a conversation with me and told me she has bed bugs. This woman stated that she had them in July of 2010 and she hired an exterminator at that time and then she thought they were gone until about a week before I spoke with her she was finding more and getting bit in her bed. She also told me that the mgmt company sent out an exterminator just that past Wednesday, but never returned my calls from the Friday before.
After my conversation with her I emailed the mgmt company again stating my problem and that I knew that they had been aware of the problem and done nothing about it with this lady as far back as July. At that time I also stated that I wanted out of my lease.
Then on Monday 03/07/11 the mgmt company called and stated that they never received any phone calls or emails from me, but had heard that I had bed bugs from the lady in the laundry room. They then sent out an exterminator but denying any knowledge of anything. They also sent someone to caulk up the baseboards and the ceiling in my apartment. The mgmt company let me out of my lease on 3/09/11 but taking no responsibility for anything. Before leaving I did find one more bedbug on 03/28/11 in the bathroom hiding in a rug even though the aparment had been exterminated and everything washed. I believe the building is infested and the bugs came through the baseboards or the ceiling and got into my apartment and this mgmt company does not care.

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