1369 W Estes Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-5401

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moved out back in 2009 was there for 2 and half years i had a bed bug problem almost everyday i would have bite marks that get larger and have an itching filling everyday mybe i had a bad reaction to it dont know and i had a huge mouse problem, since i moved out in 09 when i had my daughter ive been good every since DONT MOVE IN THIS APARTMENT BUILDING its not the only building he owns that has bed bugs was at my buddy apartment a few blocks away woke up to bites everywhere stay away from any o

f covaci buildings theyll fuck u up....

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I moved into the apartment in August 2011. Within a few weeks I located live bugs as well as had bites on my body. The maintenance guy came and sprayed my bedroom and within a week or two I located more bugs and more bites. After that point I hired a professional to come and spray. I paid $550 out of pocket, this was in Sept 2011. I did not have a problem October through January. At the end of January 2012 my neighbors were evicted. Within two weeks I started finding bugs and getting bit. Since

February 15th 2012 I have had the maintenance guy come and spray three times. It is late on February 27 2012. I called the landlord and told him I wanted out of the lease and he said he would let me out if I gave him the opportunity to hire a different exterminator. That exterminator is suppose to come tomorrow on the 28th. I have found 9 reports on this site alone for the whole building. The oldest one was late in 2009 and the most recent was just this past fall. It seems that there is a MAJOR infestation in the building. It is uninhabitable!!! I itch everywhere , even in places I have not been bit. I have a hard time going to sleep at night, and I feel like things are crawling on me even when they are not. The landlord treats only the bedroom and does not follow accurate procedures. This just pushes the bugs to the next apartment. If he wants to get rid of the bugs he needs to do it the proper way, which he is currently not doing.

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Infestation discovered mid-July. Landlord is not informing other tenants of bedbug problems in building. Just saw there are three other infested apartments one entry over and a previous one in same entry from last year.

I had lived in this apartment for 18 months without any bed bug problems. I did not bring in any new furniture, blankets, rugs, etc. Nor have I stayed in any hotels since I've lived here. I've been pretty confident I didn't bring the bed bugs in. However, this apartment complex has a high turnover rate. It never occurred to me that the bugs would travel into my apartment. The landlord has been responsive to the problem. However, after three months, I'm still not rid of the bugs. I don't

know if they are continuing to come from a neighboring apartment or if the exterminator the landlord uses isn't doing enough. I'm planning to dispose of most of my furniture and move to a new location.

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