1365 W Estes Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-5401

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Bed bugs bed bugs bed bugs!!!!! My boyfriend has bites all over him! It's horrible! We have pics but I don't know how to post them. We have to get rid of all our furniture too. Very unfortunate situation in this apartment complex. Other tenants are moving out as well.

LOTS OF BED BUGS!!! Plain and simple. Trying to break the lease. Chicago Apartment Finders never were honest to me and told me that they had bedbugs.

This place is crazy. Every apartment in this building has Bedbugs.
LOTS! Many are recent immigrants who hardly speak English and cannot voice their complaint and are silently suffering. Every since we moved here beginning of 2011, there has hardly been a day where we dont kill bedbugs. We have thrown all our furnitures .This is even after we did lots of treatment done. We see bugs on the stairs, in the hallway and even outside in the yard which is crazy. Now we signed a years contract and we d

ont know what to do. Please help!

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I have helped two families move out of this multi-family building there is a massive bed bug infestation here. All beds in the unit were covered a ton of black marks from the bedbugs and areas on the walls covered as well. The family that moved out a year ago before this one left almost everything they had...the problem was just that bad...and based on what I saw recently things aren't getting any better! 3-1-11

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