6458 N Magnolia Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-5306

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I lived in Tom Wong's apartment for a year (actually 11 months, I had to move because of the bedbugs...) between June 09-July 10...

My GF was the first one to notice the bites. I pulled up my matress, and found tons of skins and fecal matter around the base of my bed. This was a BRAND NEW BED when I moved from Ikea.

Sure enough, a few nights later I woke up in the middle of the night to bugs crawling over my bed. I took pictures of them and confirmed that they were indeed bedbugs.


the fun part:

After I told Tom, he refused to help. He wouldn't pay for any extermination, and claimed I was the one who brought them in, even though I had been living in dorm rooms for the past few years.

Finally, after threatening lawsuits and constructive eviciton, we decided to split the cost. It cost me $500, which now (after earning my real estate license) I understand is TOTALLY THE RESPONSIBILTY OF THE LANDLORD. THEY LEGALLY MUST MAINTAIN A 'LIVABLE ENVIRONMENT' FOR THEIR TENANTS.

Now the really fun part:

Alarmed, my roomate across the hall decided to check his room, and even though bites didn't appear on his skin, we found a cluster of them in his box springs and along the side of his bed.

We decided to let our neighboors on the 1st floor know about it. After inspection, we found a slew of bedbugs in one of the bedrooms directly below mine. So far, thats 3 rooms infected by the bugs and I can't see how I am the one to blame for this. The exterminator told me they don't travel that fast, and would never be able to make it all the way downstairs if I was infact the one that introduced them.

We were forced to move out a month early. It's not fair to force college to kids pay thousands in extermination fees. He withheld $1800 of security for moving out early (when rent was only $1200). He is a scumbag. He is a slumlord.

Worst of all:

The apartment was NOT treated when we left. He knowingly is renting out the space, hoping kids won't find any bugs. The property is also for sale, and his realtor (Rowenna Chang) FREAKED out when she heard about this undisclosed latent defect. He doesn't realize he's risking Rowenna's license by not disclosing the bug problem.

I'm sorry for not getting around to this reveiw earlier, and my deepest sympathy for anyone who moved in there. Make sure you treat EVERYTHING before you move into your next place.

It's unresponsible landlord like Tom Wong that are behind the bed bug epidemic.

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