6530 N Lakewood Ave
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bed bug

Judging from the number of clusters of eggs, I'm going to guess my little friends took up inhabitance at least a month before they started eating me. I woke up a few times with what I thought was a rash for about a week before I literally woke up with a bug biting my foot. After calling the landlord twice (no response the first day, and a very late response the second day), he sent out an exterminator -- but only to my unit, it seems (I got home about an hour after I'd finally heard back from

him, and saw the exterminators packing up their car to leave).

I'd already scoured my apartment the night after I found them/the day before the exterminators came, as well as tossed out my bed (complete with "DON'T TAKE! BED BUGS!" scrawled all over the mattress and box spring), and plan on caulking all of the gaps between the wall and floor tomorrow after work. I ran into the couple directly below me, who said they, too, have had bedbugs (though I'm unclear whether they reported it to our landlord -- they seemed to just "live with it").

Needless to say, without the entire building being treated, I'm unconvinced that the problem is solved.

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