1331 W Loyola Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-5103

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I forgot to mention in my earlier post this evening that I live on the 2nd floor of the building and the roaches are ridiculous in addition to a mouse that scurried under my door one night from the hallway that i had to end up trapping. I have only lived here a couple of months.

Found a bedbug crawling on my bed tonight. Further inspection turned up 2 more adults and a few small ones. Will alert management in the morning!!! Will also be be doing this treatment I found on the web...reviews seem to suggest it works.


10/11/10: Neighbors have told me that they have been infested for months. I have been getting severe bites from something I believe to be bedbugs for about one month now. We put a bedbug cover on mattress and box spring about a year ago but now believe they may be coming through the walls or hiding other places.

Management seems to have cut back on roach spraying and is not even addressing this problem.

I fear that this will get worse and worry because I don't have the money to extermi

nate nor move. Exterminating just my apartment would likely be temporary unless the management decides to clean up the entire building.

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infested for at least 10 months, landlord has not even spoken to me about them, let alone done anything. spent 200+ for sprays that have only kept them under control not eliminated them.

I lived here about a year...
Several neighbors living on the 2nd and 3rd floor had have bedbug problems not to mention there are roach problems here as well. The management hired the exterminator once so far. You still see the roaches running around but they do not care. Avoid this shady place!

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