1441 W Albion Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-5019

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I moved into this complex with two roommates and I found a bed bug crawling on my wall the day after we moved in. We were able to take pictures of the bug but it ran away as we tried to catch it! Our landlord wouldn't return our voicemails or calls the next day and I couldnt sleep at home because of the anxiety. Finally we got a call back and she didnt believe me. I told her about the previous report on this site and she claims that it is a lie! She sent her maintenance man over to "exterminate"

. I think you need a certification.. I was obviously upset that he just sprayed some liquid so she said she would only be willing to use a certain company and told us that we need to bring the picture there to have it confirmed since she didnt "drive to our apartment because she was working"! She also said that obviously they were in my bed before I moved in! So that day, we brought the picture to the exterminator's office and confirmed it was a bed bug. He had our landlords number already because ANOTHER one of her buildings was infested too. The next day, the exterminators emailed a report saying that there was no active infestation. So we were forced to stay there without proper extermination. I bought a $50 mattress cover for my own sanity. I still woke up itching and went to bed paranoid. About a month later, I found another one crawling on my bed. We finally caught it and trapped it in two ziplock bags. How much more evidence do we need? Our landlord turned off her phone after we left several voicemails and chose to call me back saying she is on vacation and that she will contact that same company who said we arent infested. excellent. The property manager was referred to us and called me saying he needs a picture of the bug and my bites (which are fading from my hand). he has not called me back since. It is so hard because I cannot sleep at home. When will this nightmare end? DONT MOVE INTO THIS APARTMENT COMPLEX!

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Lived there for a year, bedbugs were all over the apartment. Requested the building to exterminate them, but they only did it once and the bedbugs weren't killed. Moved out and the bedbugs didn't. I got bit numerous times. Not fun. I had to throw out all of my shit.

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