6409 N Newgard Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-5011

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Saturday Oct 27 - found bed bugs in westernmost bedroom of apt 2N. Only moved in May 1. Professional inspector from Orkin said that infestation had been there for months, although can't be sure exactly of the source.

Treatment Done
Initial Bedroom chemically by Orkin (called Temperate)
Entire Apartment done by APLUS
Initial Bedroom fogged by APLUS
Not sure what APLUS used.

Currently taking precautions as best we can. Keeping our eyes out and have yet to find bed bugs in any other

rooms so far.

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Unit 3 south had bedbugs in febuary 2011 they didn't noify owner until infestation hit other units in may of this year. Tenent in 2south moved in may was getting her bad. Owner used ceder cide twice didn't seem to help.unit 2 north just moved out due to the intensity of the bugs now units have them all over the place I'm moving me and my son caught a few in the back room today I'm looking now sure do love the unit beautiful apartment but the bedbugs won't leave and its been since febuary tired o

f getting bit.

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