6758 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-4405

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I saw a live bed bug running up a wall in my apartment. Since then I've been unable to sleep for more than a few hours each night. I question if these landlords in Rogers Park have the human capacity for empathy and/or compassion, by blatantly ignoring the cries of their suffering tenants.

I'm composing a notice to this building's management about terminating my lease for December.

I currently live here with my wife and have been living here for about a year and two months. About three to four months after moving in, we were getting bites and were wondering what it was. Well, I suspected bed bugs as this region is known for them and well, what do you know! I found bed bugs on the bed and our bed frame and was utterly disgusted. The management was quick to respond and claimed that "they never had bed bug problems before" which is non sense (to put it lightly) as I can see o

ther people have had the same problems before us. Anyway; they had our apartment sprayed. After the first two sprays, they problem seemed to go away and we were happy. After a few months, I got bitten and I knew from the swelling it was the same problem. After inspecting the bed again, I noticed another bug and this time placed it in a plastic bag and had them come and spray again. This exterminator was HORRIBLE. He didn't let me watch him spray to which I said - "ok, health concerns". However, I inspected the room afterwards for fresh spray and NOTHING. He didn't spray anything. Useless. My wife got bitten again last night and 5 days before that and we are sick of this. They want to treat again so we'll let them, but we are not staying here. Ineffective treatments with incompetent exterminators. DO NOT rent an apartment here if you want to stay clear of these little bastards. They are hiding in the walls of the building - I know it. We duct taped the bottom of the baseboards and that seemed to help a bit. After I was bitten one night, to my non-surprise, I found a breach in the duct tape and found a bug stuck on the tape. Voila! Another set of proof... Stay away from this place!

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I live at the above address. I never had bedbugs but i know about them so my bed has covers etc. and I am very careful about traveling. Basically I believe they bugs live in the walls here. I did not have a problem with till I needed my AC replaces. A week or two after I suddenly had a few of them in my bedroom. The new owners were oddly helpful with remediating the issue and I now see why. They know this place has or has had a problem.
In any case I did not sleep in my bedroom for 4 months, m

y carpets were cleaned, my placed sprayed and they still check in with me to see how things are going.
There has been a dead rat in my apartment. But I have not seen any critters. I think it just came to my clean apartment to properly die? I keep this thing under my front door that prevents critters from coming in or getting out. So I am not sure how the rat got in, but I have not seen any in the three years I have been around.

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They are currently alive and thriving and management will not respond. I hear new management beings July 1st, but in the meanwhile, current management is on vacation. Not to mention 2 mice I have trapped in the past two weeks....this place needs to be shut down and condemned.

For three weeks I thought I was reacting to a food allergy, but it turns out I'm allergic to the bed bug bites. Forget the elimination diet...I'm getting OUT of here!

DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! As a matter of fact...so muc

h of Roger's Park, Uptown and Edgewater are infested....

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there is begbugs in these apartments. plenty of them.

Bed bugs were found about 1 year ago in several apartment.

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