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I have lived in astor house over 5 years. I do understand some tenants may have problems with bed bugs but I have never seen one in my apartment. The problem is some people just are dirty, clean your house! .I did see a mouse once but I used a mouse trap and it was gone 2 days later use your brain any building in the city is gonna have some issues similar to the ones we have. There needs to be something done about the elevators they break down way too much! I believe the staff does what they c

an it's up to the owner to make real changes to improve this building because it does have potential he seems to just be cheap and all he cares about is that your rent check is on time.

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It's True That There Is A Bed Bug Problem And The Landlord Is A Very Bad Alcoholic He Is The One Saying Stop Complaining And Move Out The Building Is Messed Up The Elevator Keeps Breaking Down There's Molded All Over Bed Bugs In The Elevator With Carpet And The Fire Escape Is Messed Up And Held Together With Coat Hangers And They Ain't Trying To Do Nothing About They Already Got Lawsuits Against Them And Don't Care And They Like Getting In People Business I Use To Work For Mr. Antonio The Alcoho

lic So I Know.

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I lived there from july 2010-july 2011 we stayed that long because of our lease, the management didn't bother us much we paid our rent but after three months of living there we got bed bugs and had to throw out most of our furniture we told management but they did very little and we did more our selves then they did. And in about Jan. 2011 i got an unwanted pet mouse that would visit and the management said they would lay traps and stuff but they never did. As for the people in the building most

of them were nice but some were creepers and drama starters but i just ignored them and never had a big problem until the bed bugs.

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Hello. I am currently living at Astor House and there are still bed bugs and mice in this building. There may not be problems in every unit, but I have heard many tenants complain about bed bugs and have seen them myself (I've seen 3 today in my apt.). I've also seen a mouse on my floor just last month. The maintenance guy that deals with the bed bugs mentioned that he has taken classes in treating bed bugs but never said that he was licensed. The property manager also mentioned that the ma

intenace guy took classes, but again never stated that he was licensed or had previous professional experience. Now this guy may have a license, I'm just noting that this was never stated in my presence. I actually don't have a problem with the management and workers of Astor House, they are all nice and don't really bother anyone. But at the end of the day, the building still has a bed bug problem. I have heard that some tenants refuse to clean up or have their apts. treated (with alchohol and chalk), but this still affects the other units and tenants that want the problem to go away. I am stating my personal experience and I have no negative opinions about the management or tenants of Astor House.

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this damn building had beg bugs, mice, etc. since YEARS AGO. before any of these posts were made. people need to stop complaining about it or just move the f out.

i live in the astor house and yes all these people that are fighting in here are cocked eye for some reason or about to get kicked out i know the photographer is retarted you should see how she looks straight out of a horror movie the building does nothing either neither do the residents even before the bed bug problem i would say 75% of the building was not paying rent and now we have the same ammount of ppl still not paying rent the bed bug is just an excuse and ppl that did have bed bugs just

go out to the garbage and take stuff out that was thrown cuz of bed bugs so u have both to blame

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stop voting for the demonrat politicians who are nothing but rich con artists! You want 'hope' and 'change' it's time to get rid of the very people who do NOTHING for the inner city housing areas. Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett made MILLIONS off of Grove Parc and most of it is CONDEMNED..people can not live there because of them. I do not care what color his skin is he is destroying our country the way he destroyed Grove Parc!!

I prefer to share the story on bed bugs, mice, roches and the buliding is nasty. I have heard several tenants talk about the owner, manager and the people who are suppose to clean the building. Although the rent is cheap people deserve to be treated in a human manner and not like trash.
When will the City of Chicago stand up for the people who live in slum buildings.

If you want to get rid of your bed bug problems, call Allied Services, Inc in Posen, IL. We "specialize" in ridding apartments, condos and hotels of bed bugs! We service a ton of properties in your area with much success!
Call (708) 396-0200 ext 9028 ask for Mike Perkins.

The before mentioned comments are a fine example of the 'kind' of people that live at Astor House -by not being able to stick to the subject which is BED BUGS not fat residents or residents who wear diapers it's BED BUGS ONLY !!!!! for an adult to call another adult names in writing, shows a real lack of mentality and I know who would post such ignorant statements, it has to be one of the many mentally retarted that hang aroung the cockeyed manager who is a raging acoholic, you can smell it as s

oon as you walk in the door. I've resided at Astor House going on 5 years and I've seen a total of 3 bed bugs (no bites), thank God.

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I am a tenant here its beautiful because we live by the lake. Everyone in this building should deserved to be talked about on here were. Some people got drama with each other but has nothing to with bed bugs. Everyone is nice. I know management they get things done the and to be exact the pest control man has a diploma in pest control he took classes. Management does best they can to solve the beg bug problem they inspect everyones funiture when they come in to live, inspections are made for peo

ple who have a pest issue. Mattresses are checked, couches, sprays are used as well as powder. All apartments have been sprayed and powder layed down even in hallways. Management does this quick. Some units may have bed bugs but they have also reported that they had them before. Management continues work props to our wonderful landlord, mantience man, and the pest control man

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I am a tenant in this building and I have had a few problems but they have been fixed not by MTO but by me being aggressive and talking with management and the problems were fixed, this is really a nice building just got a few people that need to move and create drama somewhere else. People sit in the lobby and just make all kinds of drama for new and old tenants I wish they would stay in there apartment and leave the rest of us alone.

July 12, 2011 I am a tenet at the Astor house I do not have bed bugs yes some people do. It is unfortunate of this I know the guy who does pest control he is certified to do this work but we have a few people in the building who do not like management and they keep up trouble one person the management does accept there check for rent and she still will not move she is overweight and needs to get a life and stoop calling the mta for every little thing just move our fat ass out and let the rest of

us be, the other tenet has not paid rent since November 2010 she walks around here like she owns the place the two need to live together.

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I live in here it is nice there was a bed bug problem but it was in 5 units only they right away caulked everything to stop the flow. I know the guy he is certified by anderson pest control. The ladies that are saying in this post are the same ones that pick up things from the garbage and take them home. They are getting evicted for not paying rent. Once they leave we hope the bed bugs leave too.

I've been living at the Astor house (1246 W. Pratt Blvd.) for almost a year. The bed bug problem started around fall 2010. The bed bugs are still here and its May 2011! If you complain about the bed bugs, the manager sends one of his tenants that also does maintenance work to spray alcohol on the carpet and "chalk" the walls. This guy is not certified, he's just a tenant. They never hired a professional to inspect or handle the bed bugs. The rent is cheap here but the building is very nasty

. I'm still getting bit until this day. I had to toss out most of my furniture and clothes. DON'T MOVE IN HERE, THEY HAVE A HUGE BED BUG PROBLEM AND WON'T ADMIT IT TO YOU!!!!!!

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There are bedbugs, mites and mold at the building. I moved in in June 2010 and was immediately beign bitten after a week or two. I had to slepp in my car for 2 months while I looked for somewhere else to live. The management is a joke and all he does is have the disabled that live in the building do sexual favors for him as he takes advatage of them. Ask questions before moving inot any property but it may not help as I have severe allergies and alled the manager and asked before moving in of na

y pest problems in the building and was told that nothing was wrong. So you see, it doesnt always pay to be vigilent and ask questions because the jerk managers and landlords are lying just to get you rent money and deposit. People leave there doors open so they can watch who walks by all day. SOme guy living there even had his door open as he wore dipaers all day long and watched the children in the building. I was released because I was being eaten alive by bed bugs.

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